Knitting Bolero and Pants

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Bolero with openwork pattern Size: 38/40 (42/44) you Etrebuetm: Zrela (50% Noli-Acrylic, 300 natural wool, 20% Silk: 285 w/50 N)-350 (400) G kraszo-Korichzeva; 1.19 4.5; Hook 89. 4. Attention: knit only double thread. Pattern 1: Openwork pattern (number of loops multiple 6 + 1 + 2 kromovyi) = Knit SOGL. Schema. On it lana only facial childbirth, in the Edoaooch-eye Radio all Iielzzzaidda: LRO-1 kromochokny, Rapporol constantly repeating, finish Oetley oozle Rylporla and 1 Kromoechny. Constantly Tozozesti-4th birth. The underlined Ubavka 2 Netel: pra-ozokrzj = Krozoochava. 3 Loops Pro-knit together Trotjaikkoi (1 loop to take off as the front, 2 loops to push together the obverse, then to stick it through removed a drop). Left pupil = Last Z loop before Cutting the face together with the Howl, Cromothe. 1 Loop underlined: Edge, 2 loops pro- Knit along with tilt left (1 loop to remove as face, 1 person- And then stretch it through the removed The loop). Left edge: Both last Loops before cutting Along the front, the crown. 
Density of Knitting: 23 P. х 34.5 P, 10 x 10 cm. 
Attention: The shelves knit across, 
Start from the side edge. 
Arrow on the pattern direction Knitting. 
Backrest: Dial on spokes 87 (99) Loops and tie 1 seamy Number of facial. This series does not take into account In subsequent calculations, Continue with pattern 1. Through 17 cm 60 rows from the initial row Close for armholes on both sides ; 75 (87 in) p. Through 31.5 cm 108 Series (34 cm 116 rows) from The initial row close for the throat- Fault average 39 p. and both sides Finish separately. Fillet On the inner edge to close the 2nd row 1 x 2 p. Through 32.5 cm = 112 Series (35 cm 120 rows) from The initial row close the remaining to 16 (22) p. shoulders. Left shelf: Starting from the left Side Edge, dial on the spokes 39 loops and Tie 1 seamy Number of facial. Continue Pattern 1. Through 2.5 cm 8 rows From the initial row dial to Right-side armholes 1 x 36 in. (42) New loops and include in the pattern 75 (81) p. Through 9.5 cm 32 series (11.5 cm = 40 rows) from the initial 
The number of Right Edge Bevel 1 x 2 P., then in each 2nd row 5 (11) x 2 p. and 26 (20) x 1 P., Then in each 4th row 22 x 1 p. Through 59 cm = 204 Series (61.5 cm = 212 rows) from the initial row Close the remaining 15 p. Right shelf: knit just like Left shelf, but the mirror Display. Sleeves: Dial on spokes for Breakfas- The 45 (51) loop and the 1 seamy number of facial. Continue with pattern 1. Through 23 cm = 80 rows from the initial row 
To add to the bevel sleeves from both Sides 1 x 1 P., then alternately In every 8th and 10th row of 11 X 1 p. (alternately in each 6th and 8th row 14 x 1 p.) Consent Cookie. Pattern = 69 (81) p. Through 54.5 cm 188 rows from The initial row to close all loops. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. Sew sleeves, slightly pulling them, Perform side seams and seams Sleeveless. The starting range of the backrest for Stabilization to tie the double Thread 1 next to the nozzle. Art. 

Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. Sew sleeves, slightly pulling them, Perform side seams and seams Sleeveless. The starting range of the backrest for Stabilization to tie the double Thread 1 next to the nozzle. Art. 

Bolero Pattern Here :

Light grey Flared Pants Dimensions: 34/36 (38/40 in); Length by 
Step stitch approx. 73 cm 

You will need: yarn (55% of the Wool, 33% Polyacryl, Cashmere 118 m/50 g) – 600 (650) G light grey; Spokes 4.5 and 5 Circular Spokes G • L 4; 1 set of 4. Pattern 1: (needles IU 5) structural 
Pattern (the number of loops multiple 84 2 Washing) Knit SOGL. Diagram 1. On 
It is given to the facial ranks. In the 
The night rows of all loops and pull- 
Loops Iznanochny The 
Mi. Start with 1 crown and hinges 
Before the Raport, the Rapport 
Janno repeating, finish loop- 
After the Raport and 1 crown. 
Run 1 times 1-10 series, then 
Constantly repeating the 3rd to 10th series. 
Pattern 2: Facial surface = Facial 
Rows-facial loops, purls 
Series-purls loops. 
Pattern Z: (Spokes GI! 4.5) Pattern of "braid" 
(on 32 loops) = Knit SOGL. Diagram 2. 
On it are given facial ranks. In the 
The night rows all the loops of the 
Give by drawing. Constantly 
The 1-20-th series. 
Pattern 4: (Spokes mo 4) gum = 
Circular series: • 1 front, 2 
Night, 1 facial, from • constantly 
Knitting density: Pattern 1-21 p. x 
28 R. = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern 3-28 p. x 
29 P. = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern 4 (Measuring 
In a slightly stretched form) 22 p. x 
30 p. 10 x 10 cm. 
Left half trousers: dial on 
Spokes 106 (114) loops and tie 
Ј seamy a number of facial; This one 
Number is not taken into account in subsequent 
Calculations. Continue the work of the 
In Rum 1. For the flared form 
On both sides of the 
In every 6th and 8th row 
From the initial row 14 x 1 p. = 78 
(86) p. 40 cm = 112 rows 
From the initial row to add to 
Volume in the thigh area from both 
1 x 1 P. and alternately in the 
Each 6th and 8th row 11 x 1 p. 
102 (110) p. via 
Consent Cookie. Pattern 
68 cm 190 rows from the initial 
Number to add to the volume in the 
The buttocks only on the right edge. 
In each 2nd row 9 x 1 p. sogl. 
111 (119 in) p. 74.5 cm 
= 208 rows from the strap close 
For the back of the gusset on the right The edge of 1 x 4 p. and in each 2nd row 
2x3 p., 3x2 p. and 3x1 P., then in 
Every 4th row 2 (3) x p.; One 
Temporary for front gusset 
Close on the left edge 1 x 3 p. 
and in each 2nd row 1 x 2 p. and 3x 
1 p., then in each 4th row 3 
(4) x 1 p. Through 83.5 cm 234 series 
(85 cm 238 rows) from the initial 
Series Close the remaining 79 (85) p. 
Right half trouser: knit so 
Same as the left half of the trousers, but in 
Yoke: Arrows on the pattern 
Direction of knitting. Dial on 
The spokes of the 34 hinge and tie the 
Purl series; This series 
Not taken into account in subsequent 
Calculations. Then between the Kromonno- 
Continue working pattern 3. 
Through 76 cm 220 rows (83 cm 
= 240 rows) from the initial row 
Close all loops. Start Row 
And the closed edge sew; This seam 
Forms the middle of the back 
Pants. For the strap, dial the 
Spokes on the right longitudinal 
Edge of the pattern strip 3 from/To 
Seam 168 (182) loops, with an atom for 
2nd size start and finish 
2 facial. Work to lock in 
Ring and mark the beginning of the circular 
Row. Then link 1 circular row 
Pattern 4, then for knitting back 
The height of the first 
Live work shortened rows, 
All loops are 
Figure: From the beginning of the circular series 
21 P., with 1 scale of 
Work and knit back to the 42 p., with 1 scale turn the working 
One, • Perform 1 front row up to 
Rotary scale, Rotary 
The next pet. 
Lei together. The pattern and the 
Still z loops, with 1 scale turn 
Work, perform 1 seamy 
The range to the rotary scale, 
The mouth of the 
The loop together. Pattern and 
3 more loops with 1 scale 
Turn the work, from 
Try again 
Another 5 (b) times, after that work 
Will remain 90 (98) loops. Then 
On all loops continue working 
Circular rows of pattern 4, with 
In the 1st Circular series of the 
The Rotary 
or previous loop 
Together. The narrow, 10 cm from the 
The start of the crochet strap is to measure 
In the middle of the back-close 
All the loops on the figure. 

Assembly: Run Front 
And the rear middle seam, as well as the 
Seam of gusset and step seams. 
The yoke of the pattern 3 sew to the top- 
The edge of the trousers, combining the seam 
Yoke with the rear middle seam. 
For the tie dial on 2 hosiery 
Spokes Z Loops, touch loops 
Work not to turn 
and shift the loops back to the 
The top of the spokes, the thread behind the work 
Pull to the top, tighten tightly and 
Again to touch the loops of the facial, 
From • Keep repeating until 
Get a cord length approx. 110 
(120) See Close loops. Eyeballs 
Sell through the pattern 4 by 3 cm below 
The top edge of the strap from/to the 
Front of the trousers. 

Pants Pattern Here :

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