Sweater Large Diamonds

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Sizes XS (S) M (L)

Breast circumference (ready product): 96 (104) 112 (120) cm

Length: 59 (61) 63 (65) cm

Sleeve length: 43 (44) 45 (46) cm

Novita Teddy Bear yarn materials (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 100 g/260 m) 350 (400) 450 (500) gram of flax color, 100 (100) 100 (150) grams of maple color, 50 (50) 100 (100) grams of color; spokes circular 3 mm and 4 mm Knitting density 22 loops and 30 rows of 10x10 cm stocking viscous ties 4 mm

Description of knitting sweaters with intarsia

Intarsia: During the knitting of a color pattern on the schemes, after each change of color the threads should twist the threads among themselves so that there are no holes in the canvas at the place of flower transition.

Back On the spokes 3 mm to score 106 (114) 122 (134) p. thread of the main color, start knitting rubber band 2x2 (2 persons, 2 tbsp). After 5 (6) 6 (6) cm, in the last. to bring the number of loops to 106 (116) 124 (134). Go to the spokes 4 mm, start knitting on the scheme 1 with 9 (9) 5 (1) loop schema thus: tie 92 loops of the pattern with a thread of dark color, and then another 14 (24)32 (42) p. thread of the main color. Then tie the rows 10 (10) 6 (2) - 80, then continue the work on the scheme 2: knit 75 loops on the right side and leave. Loops knit a stocking viscous thread of the main color. Run 82-152 circuit ranks.

Note: 36 (37) 38 (39) cm from the set edge mark the markers of the beginning and end of the row - the beginning of knitting sleeve. After 152 series of scheme 2 to continue knitting 153 series of scheme 3. Knit74 p. on the right side and leave. Loops knit a stocking viscous thread of the main color. Run 154-188 circuit series.

Note: At the height of the sleeve 20 (21) 22 (23) cm close for the cut-out of the neck center. 26 p. row, then knit both parts of the back separately. Close the neckline in each 2nd row 2 p. 4 times, and at the same time, from the side of the shoulder slant to close the 3/6 p.p. and 2/7 p. (3/7 p.) 4 to 8 p.m. and 1/9 p.h. (4/9 p.) and 1 to 1.10 p.p.). Knit the second part of the back symmetrically.

Before dialing loops, knit as a backpiece detail at the height of the sleeve 16 (17) 18 (19) cm. Put the center off. 14 p. on a throwless thread for the collar in the trail. persons, finish both parts of the transmission separately. In the cut-out line the neck close in each 2nd row 3 p. 2 times, 2 p. 2 times and 1 p. 4 times. The shoulder loops close as for the back at the same height of the perme. Knit the second part of the transmission is symmetrical. Sleeves On the spokes 3 mm dial 48 (50) 50 (52) p., tie (5) (6) 6 (6) cm rubber band 2x2, go to spokes 4 mm, and continue the work of stocking viscous. After 16 (14) 12 (11) cm from the set edge to start the additions of 1 p. on each side, repeat this series of additions every 1.5 cm another 17 (19) 21 (22) p. 84 (90) 94 (98) p. After 43 (44) 45 (46) set from the smme to close the edge of the loop. The second sleeve knit is similar.

Build By schemes embroider black loops on the details of the front and back. Stitch the shoulder seams.
Collar C faces. Side on the spokes 3 mm on the edge of the neckline thread of the main color to raise 116 (120) 120 (124) p., inc. deferred loops. Tie in a circle 15 cm rubber band 2x2, close the loops on the picture.

Then between the markers sew the sleeves, then perform the side seams and seams of the sleeves.

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