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For 6-7 years

You will need: yarn (100% acrylic, 320 m / 100 g) 20 g of red, yellow, blue, lilac, violet, light green, brown and blue colors, hook №2 and №3.

Attention! Thread colors alternate at your discretion or guided photo.

Knit dress for girls crochet

Coquette: crochet No. 2, tie 4 motives according to scheme 1. Connect them with each other with arches from 4 vozd. n. and tie the resulting strip also arches of 4 air. P. On the bottom edge of the motifs, tie 3 rows of st. s / n

From the upper edge, knit straps st. s / n one motif wide and 14 rows long. Between the straps for the back, dial air. p. and knit art. s / n 16 rows, alternating colors in random order. In places armhole dial vozd. p., connecting with each other in front and back of the coquette.

Hem: knit a hem from the bottom edge of the coquette in a circle of 15 rows with a pattern according to pattern 2, changing the color of the thread every 3 rows. Then change the hook to No. 3 and knit 11 rows with a pattern according to pattern 3. Tie the lower edge of the hem 1 alongside according to the pattern 4.1 alongside according to the pattern 5, then with a border along the pattern 6. Cut the neckline and armhole around 1 next to Art. b / n and 1 next to the "rachy step". Patterns and patterns for knitting a dress. Multi-colored crochet dress, patterns and patterns.

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