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Size 80 cm. Yarn consumption 200, primary color and 20 g. Additional color. Spokes 4 mm., Hook 3mm. 2 buttons. Knitting density 20 p. X 26 p. = 10x10 cm. 

Back length 43 cm. Back

Type 94 p. And knit the front skirt 34 r. (13 cm.) 

Next, evenly reduce the number of loops to 61 (or you can dial 61 points and knit a yoke separately, but the main thing is not to tighten, but it will not be nice). 

Separate the loop for knitting as follows 19 p. smooth surface, 23 p. - scheme A, 19 p. - persons. smooth surface 

Knit straight 14,5 cm. - 38 rows. 

Formation of armhole sleeves: 

1 row reduce 3 p., 

3 row subtract 2 loops, 

5, 7, 9 row subtract 1 loop, 

13 row subtract 1 loop.

After 20 p. from the beginning of the armhole to close 3 p. in the center (the formation of the fastener). 

Next, knit 2 pieces separately. 

Knit another 14 p. and close 10 p. for the neck. 

Another 2 rows to tie and close the remaining 10 points. 

Before the

front of the dress for a girl, knits like a back. 

The formation of the neckline: 

At a height of 22 p. from the beginning of the armhole sleeves close in the middle of 9 p. 

Next, knit two parts separately. 

24 p. close 3 p. 

26, 28, 30 p. close 1 p. 

34 p. close 1 p. 

Knit 36 ​​r. from the beginning of the armhole sleeves and close 10 p. shoulder. 


Type 30 points and knit the front of the satin 14.5 cm (38 p.). At the same time add loops:

4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 24, 28, 30, 34 row add 1 p. 

Formation of the neck sleeve begin after 38 rows: 

2, 4 row subtract 3 p. 

6, 8 row subtract 2 p . 

10, 12, 14, 16 ubavit1 number n. 

18 subtract a number 2 n. 

20, p. subtract 3 p. 

22 p. close the remaining 14 p. 

Link the second sleeve in the same way. 


Sew the shoulder seam, sew the sleeves. 

Sew the sleeves and side seam. 

If you knit skirt separately, then sew a skirt. 

Tying a knitted dress for a girl 

. Tie a button-down bar (11 degree bb.N. The length of the entire buckle on the back is 2 rows, make 2 holes for buttons on one side). 

Cuffs sleeves, neck and bottom of the skirt.
Tie 8 flowers and sew them at the junction of the skirt and yoke

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