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Every craftswoman puts a piece of her soul into the product, especially it concerns knitting clothes for children. There is something magical and fascinating about it, so if you are a young mother or are preparing to become one, be sure to try to tie such a lovely jacket for your child.

Even if you are not very strong in knitting, this product will not cause you much difficulty. The knitting technique across the product only seems unusual, in fact, for beginners, this is the most suitable variation. In the description are three sizes for knitting a jacket, so that it is suitable not only for newborns. A blouse on three buttons is fastened, and a round yoke is decorated with a ribbon, passed through a knitted cloth.

Knitted jacket  suitable for both boys and girls. If you knit it out of light yarn and decorate it with a lace ribbon, the blouse will be perfect for a dress for christening a toddler.

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