Shirtbook dickey and cap

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The story began with a hat, which I knitted to my youngest daughter. But tying is half the battle, it’s fast ... And here’s the knitted cap lying and waiting for my hands to bring it to mind, that is, to make the lining and ties. I do not know how for you, but for me, the assembly is the most interesting and uninteresting. I finally got together and did everything. I decorated the hat with pompons, wove strings on a doll and sewed a lining of two layers of cotton wool. Here's what I got:

Then I decided to knit the right manic to the hat. It is especially convenient to wear a shirt on a child when I wear it in ergoryukzachka under slingokurtkoy. No sooner said than done. Yesterday, half a day, I knit a shirt. My daughter slept peacefully, it was a pity to wake her up and measure her, so I decided to knit by eye  , but in vain ...  
As a result, instead of a shirt-front for a baby, I had a shirt-neck for an adult aunt  . She was great even the eldest daughter. 
Here she is:

Today was the second attempt with the shirt-front. Fortunately successful. Here she is: 

Well, a little photo: 

The description of the shirt-front was taken here: 
Thank you all for your attention!

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