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In such a cute "tasty" hat your baby will not go unnoticed. Malinka Cap - what you need to dilute the colors of a sad autumn.

SIZE: head circumference 50–52 cm. 

MATERIALS AND TOOLS: about 50 g of crimson yarn, remnants of green and light brown colors, needles No. 4.

1st p .: 2 out., 1 person., 2 out., From 1 p. Tie 5 (1 person., 1 nakid, 1 person., 1 nakid, 1 person.), Etc. . 

2 nd p .; 2 faces., * 1 out., 9 faces., From * repeat. 

At the end of 2 persons. and chrome. 

3-6th r .: in drawing. 

7th river: 2 ex., From 1 p. Vyvyazat 5, 2 res., 5 p. Together persons. for the rear walls, etc. 

8th b.: 9 persons., 1 born. 

9-12 p.: In the picture. 13th p .: 2 out., 5 together persons. for back walls, 2 ex., from 1 p. knit 5.
After 13.5 cm start decreasing. For this knit 3 p. Together izn. above the “first raspberry”, above the “fourth”, “eighth” and “twelfth” in persons. R. Next in each persons. R. to make such reductions until it is left 25 p., the remaining p. close, pull off, sew a leaf and a cutting. Leaf: dial the needles 10 p. Green thread. 

1st p .; individuals. p. 

2 p.: Krom., 2 persons., Nakid, 1 persons., Nakid, 2 persons., Nakid, 1 persons., Nakid, 2 persons., Nakid, 1 persons., Nakid, Krom. 

3rd p. and all odd r .: persons. p. 

4th p. and all even R.: make 1 nakida before and after the selected p. Cherenok: dial the needles 6 p. Lits. to knit and wear remove, without knitting, thread before n. Knit without chrome. 

dial on the spokes 73 p. (the number should be divided by 6) + 5 additional p., + 2 chrome. 

1st and 2nd b.: Persons. p., then knit the main pattern.

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