Stylist Knitwear Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36 -38-40.42-44-46-48 
You will need: Yarn subljne wat- Me "pink. Sliz GS • 3.5 and 4. 
Knitting density: 22 p. x 28 rows 
Persons on the spokes of the Nch 4:10 x 
Basic patterns: 1х 1-1 L., Yun, p.; Surface. Persons. Ranks 
Persons. N..., Rows. The 
Backrest: Dial on the spokes 97-105- 
111-115421,129 p, knit rubber Band 
1х 1 5 Series, replace Spokes on more 
Thick and chilly faces, Gliyu, D first 
Close the range with: 
Loops. That they remain 89-95-101- 
107-113-119 and knit straight to the length 
33-3444-34-35-36 cm "Väjueeda 1 cm 
And then start closing the 
Loops for armholes. Close both 
1х4l. Ieshekon 1 Udu 
5 + 8-8-' 0-10 times 69-71-77-83-85- 
91 L, at a mine 19-20-21-22. 
23-24 cm Close the edges of the DT shoulder 
In each 2nd row of the 1х 6-6-8-9-9-11 p, 
And another 1 x B-7-8-9-10-11 N, close Other p. 
Colocation neck. 
Before: Knit just like a sling, up to 
Length See The Posgetogo 
Start to tie out the neckline. 
Th row with a set of additional 
Loops: Knit 434-49-52-55-59 
N., scum, 3 persons. Yarn, Knit 
Other loops. Knit a row, not 
By dialing additional loops of the 2nd 
Series with a set of additional loops: 
Knit 434-49-52-55-59 T, yarn, 5 
Tc. The rest of the loops, 
With the same order continue 
Gain additional loops 
Each 4th row for openings, close the 
Loops the same way. As on the plum of a tolik, 
Attention: At the same time as closing 
Loops start in each 
Number to recruit additional loops 
For Vorgevik. Clamp after 
In the middle of the work between the 
will affect 15. ' 7-17-19-' 9 p., Knit 
Next with Litevo • Parties 
Work to scale 2 persons. T. E. Yarn Over 
Knit p... Yarn Over 
Remove 1 loop without having to touch it. 
Tap, N, then stretch the unruffled 
Loop through the bandaged, knit 
Series to the end, knit further dyad and 
Then PS both Spona Medium 19- 
21-21-21-2343 make 
"Knit one more row, repeat 4 
The number of loops 
Increases by 2 p, each row 
After the toga how to work will be 99- 
103-109-115-121-127 continue 
To add every 2. 
When in impact 107-11 s ' 9- 
125-127-133 p., Finish add 
Loops. Keep knitting. Without dialing 
New loops. Finally, associate 
Neck is the same as on the backrest, the remaining 
N, Neck 
Close at the same time 
Assembly: Sew seams in the shoulders "on the edge 
Dial on the spokes 311 17- 
19-12 '-123-125 L. and 
Zinkoy 1х1. Close the flight. Tie 
Similar to the second L; Push out 
The side seams and the seams of the 

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