Stole Crochet Pattern

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Stole, knitted crochet of patterned motifs

Size: 41 x 171 cm You will need: 450 g beige yarn Shetland tie Luxe (50% wool. 25% wool Appaka. 25% mohair. 115m/50 g): Hook № 3.5. 

Motif: Knit on the circuit circle. P. For the 1st motive to tie a chain of 5 humidity. P. and wink her 1 ssed. Art. In Kopco. link on the Diagram 4 circle. R. Each circle. R. Start with humidity. P. Instead of 1st P. and finish 1 Conn. Art. In the last humidity. P. lifting.
After the 1st round. R. PASS 1 Conn. Art. To the beginning of the 2nd circle. R.. art. With 2/n knit in arches of humidity. P. previous p. 

All subsequent motives perform as the 1st motive, only in the 4th circle. P. Attach the thread to the previous motive. To do this, in the arrow marked places to replace humidity p. 1 Conn. Art. In the appropriate humidity. P. of the previous motive. 

The diagram shows the 1st motive, as well as the details of the 4th circle. R. Adjoining motives and the abs circle. R. edging (A + B) over these motifs. Every lap. R. Edging start with 1 humidity. P. Instead of the 1st art. 6/N and finish 1 Conn. Art. In the 1st humidity. P. Lift. Circle. R. Edging over the following motifs and angles continue to the meaning. 

Density of knitting: 1 motif = 13 x 13 cm. 2 round. r. Edging = 1 cm in height. 

Doing work: Tie a total of 39 motifs and combine them into a rectangle of 3x13 motifs. Then fix the thread at the 1st motive and execute the circle. R. A + B edging around all Palantina: work finish.

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