Knitting Brown Cardigan Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36, 38/40, 42/44.46, ' 48 
You will need: 600650/7001750 g Brown Yarn Samea (72% Cotton, viscose. 89 "flax. 105 М5 () g): Spokes 4 and IU 4.5: Krugo- Spokes 4; Five buttons. 
Gum, Needles ma 4: P.: 1 Chrome., • 1 person, 2 persons. Cross-over, 
Invade from •. 2nd P.: 1 Chrome... ' 1 Persons. 2 of the Scrape "faces.. Temperatures to tear from •. Repeat 1st and 2nd p. 
Facial surface, Needles nr 45: Persons, p. Plc. P., N. P.-N. P. 
Fantasy pattern, spokes 4.5: 
Number of loops multiple 6 • D 2 Chrome. 
1st — 5th 2.; P. P, 
1 Chrome... 2. • Scum, 2 p, 
Knit together, repeat from, 1 
Izn_ 1 Chrome. 7th-10th R: Li • x p. 
P. Persons D G 1 Cromwell, • 1 Li [E. 
The thread of the Z fold 
Circle of Spokes, repeat from •. 1 Crom. 
2. (= N... Lowering the previous Series, ' 3rd p.: 1 CZK... , 1 
Double Stretch (remove 2 p. as 
Persons.. 1 person, and stretch it through 
Persons "At the same time 
Loops). • 
Enter the spokes in the loop of the previous 
Row and out of this loop to knit out 
Persons.. Yarn Over. 1 person.. 1 scale. 
Offshore, triple stretch (remove Z p. 
As individuals.. 2 p. Together Lish 
And stretch this loop through the hay- 
The Repeat from persons. When 
To insert the spokes into the loop of the 
of this loop and the 

1 persons "1 scum, persons... Yarn Over 
1 person "1 double stretch, persons. , 
1 Crom. Run 1 time from 1st to 
1343 P... Then repeat from the 2nd to 
13th p. 
Platinum knitting, CF 4 spokes: individuals, and 
N, p,-persons, N, 
The density of knitting faces. Surface 
Spokes G. " 4.5:13 G. 10 x 10 
See Fancy pattern. Spokes 
4.5:17 p. i2br, see 
Spin dial P. and 
Knit Rubber Band. 6 cm from the 
Boric edge knit faces, smooth. 
Through 58/57/54 cm from inlaid 
Edges close for Proim from both 
sides in each 2nd p, x 2 A, 
and 60/8 x 1 6670/74,78 p. 
CM from the beginning of the 
We close for shoulder bevel with both 
Their sides in each 2nd p. 2 x 5 and 1 
"2xbi" (2-х5-5p) 
1 to 7 p. At the same time as the 1st 
For the shoulder bevel to close the 
Neck Cut Middle 
2030/32,134 p, and both sides of the law 
Separately. For rounding 
Close from the inner edge of the Breakfas 
House 2nd p. P. 
Left Popochkh dial 4246,150/54 
L, and knit rubber band. Through B cm from 
Inlaid edge knit faces, smooth. 
50/49/48/46 cm from inlaid 
Edges close for bevel cut with 
Left side alternately in the Breakfas 
House 4th and B-M p... 
For this with the right side knit 
1 Chrome... (Remove N as 
Pip "1 lish and stretch it through 
Removed loop); On the left side 
2 p. Offshore together. 1 Crom. 
Run the Armwalk and the shoulder bevel with 
Right side. As on the back. 
Right kidney: knit symmetrical 
Sleeves: Dial 41 d7љzљd p. and 
Fancy pattern. For 
Bevel sleeves to add to both 
Parties in each of the 14th/14th/1b- 
L. 46 cm from the inlaid edge 
Close to the sleeve of the sleeves on both 
The sides in each 2nd p. 2 x 2 and 
to 1 p.. In each 4th p. 3 x 1 
L. Yves each 2nd P. 4х1, x 2 and 1 
X z L. Through 
The sleeve to close the left- 
Pocket (2 parts): Dial 23 P., 
Link 34 Fantasy R. 
and loops Close, 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams: 
For the Lpapok and the rotor on the 
Needles Scream 
(On the edge of the shelf to the bevel 
For 83/83,79/79 p., 
For 55/57/59/62, by the cut of the mountains, 
Avalanche backrest N.) And 
Knitting. Through 
CM Start trims run on 
Right Shelf 5 holes 
Buttons. For this from the bottom 
The edges are 9 p., the next 2 p. 
Close and immediately dial them again. 
Four more holes for the 
With an interval of 16/16/15/15 p, 
After 3 cm, the start of the 
83/82/80/80 p. From both hundred and 
Ron. On the remaining 143 "55/161 
P. Link 30 p. fantasy 
Rum. Start with the 5th p. and 
The pattern to perform with internal 
Of the Parties, i.e. persons. P, knitting on the Wnu • 
Trenne's side of the collar. Bta 
Sleeves, perform lateral 
Seams and seams of the sleeve to sew 
Mana, retreating from the Z SVT 
Sew the buttons. 

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