Pullover of Jade and Mint Color

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Pullover of jade and mint color 
Dimensions: 36/38 (44/46 in) you will need: 400 (500) G jade color and 650 (750) G mint color yarn soplo OK (100% cotton, 84 m/50 g); Straight Spokes N4 4; Circular Spokes C 3.5 Fine pearl pattern, straight and inverse p: odd number of loops. Persons. and N. R.: 1, 1 persons. To finish 1. Even number of loops. Persons. R.: 1, 1 persons. Alternately. IPMs. P.: 1 persons., 1 H. Alternately. Circular R.: An even number of loops: 1 persons., 1 H. By shifting the pattern after each circular p. on 1 p. The main pattern: the number of loops multiple 14 + 1 + 2 crowns. Knit according to the scheme, which shows only persons. P., in P. Loops knit on a drawing or on a pattern, a scale knit izn. Start with 1 CZK. and loops before the rapport, repeating the rapport, the loop after the Rapport and 1 CZK. Repeat from the 1st to the 24th p. If added and lower, make sure that the number of scum relevant-the number of the loops together. Gum, circular P: Alternately 1 pip., 1 N. The density of knitting: 19 p. and 27 P. = 10 х10sm. Color pullover Jade Backrest: Dial 87 (101) p. and tie 1 N. P. N. This series is not taken into account in the further invoice. Then knit the main pattern. Through 29.5 cm = 80 p. From the inlaid edge close to the armhole on both sides 3 p. and in each 2nd p. 1 х2i2х1 p. = 73 (87) p. through 46 cm = 124 R. (49 cm = 132 R.) from inlaid edge close to cut the neck Middle 35 (39) p. and both sides to finish separately. For rounding close with the inner edge in the next 2nd p. 1 x 3 p. through 48 cm = 130 R. (51 cm = 138 R.) from the inlaid edge to close on each side of the remaining 16 (21) p. Before: Knit the same, but for a deeper cut neck close through 40.5 cm = 110 R. (43.5 cm  = 118 R.) From the inlaid edge of the average 15 (19) p. and invm2-M R. 1 x 3.3 х2i4х1 p. Sleeves: Dial 53 (67) p. and tie the Tizn. R. N. Zatemejaoat The main pattern, the Traatats Rastredetetepo from the Middle and watch out for the honor ' s edge of the number of Zakk Together loops. At the same time from the inlaid edge of the Lrizavott for Skosov sleeves on both sides in each 4th R. 2 to 1 T. = 57 (71) T., including Pravalyemye, E T. In the pattern. After 5 cm = 14 R. From the suitebut edge close for knew the sleeves of both sides Z N and in each 2nd P. 1 of the A2 and 17k1 L. (3o 2.12 A1 A3-2l.). After 19 cm = 52 R. From the inlaid edge closed the remaining 13 (17) T. Sberbank: To perform the two,. On the Eurasian land, Tmratinatkrugo-Vyestitsi, OP2), and knit small greedy pattern zi Tlanka. On the other, the all-encompassing Lo Uzoru. To the sleeves, to reel the ooklet and the seams. 
The pulercolours of the mint are the con R. (O. side of the work = persons. Side of the pattern). 
Back: Dial oz (107) T. and tie Ioz. R. Eez. Etotrdna is counted in the further account. Then the main pattern was knitted, in case of starting with 1 cream. Alclal from the arrow A, Poto-raste Rapp Port, Omkazoivolletami to the shooter in Ki 1 chrome. And the end of the R. Replace the painted in the serious color of Teltaszemyalitz. T. At the same time from the inlaid edge close for three talis from both the old in each 20-in the P. E Z 1 T. = 87 (101) T. Through 2n cm = 76 R. From but the Riogo edge at-DD with the side of the sides 1 p. and in each 10-in the P. 2 to 1 T , including the added n pattern. After 40 cm 108 p. From inlaid edge to close for armholes with the sides of the side Z p. and in each 2nd R. 2о2a Zot T. = 73 (87) T. Through 58 cm = 156 R. (from 164 R.) from the inlaid edge of dogs for Ekreohorooeal, Middle 31) 35) T. A both Slorota to finish separately. For the rounding of the zakrgg with the inner village of the 2nd R. L x W T. Through 5z, 5 cm = 160 R. (62.5 cm 168 p.) from the gap edge close on each side of the remaining 18 (23) L. Shoulder. Before knitting in the same way, but for more pluzzkzkcall, REOATORTOVKNZAKRL through 51 cm = 138 R. (54 cm = 146 R.) from the inlaid edge of the middle 17 (21) p. E in each 2nd P. 1 x 3.2 Х2and zх1p. Sleeves: Dial 45 (53) p. and Tie 1 Liu. P. N. Then knit a basic pattern, with the size of the 44/46 to distribute it from the Serdi-na. Simultaneously from inlaid edge to add for Skosov sleeves on both parties alternately in each 10-th and 12-th р. 10 x (in each 8-th p. 13 х) 1 P. = 65) 79) p., including the added P. In a pattern. After 44.5 cm = 120 R. From Inlaid edge Close for rock sleeves on both sides 3 p., in each 2nd р. 1 with 2.5 сi p., in the 4th R. zх1 p. ivvm2-Mr. 4х1i3х2 P. (Inevery 2-Mr. 3x 2.13 х1 izх2 p.). After 59 cm = 160 R. From the inlaid edge close the remaining 19 (23) p. Assembly: Perform the humeral seams. On a cut of a neck to dial on circular spokes 76 (84) p. And to knit an elastic lath. At height of a lath 3 sm all loops to close on drawing. Fit the sleeves, carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.

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