Shawl hybrid women crochet free pattern

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Shawl tied the mohair "Alize" to 50gr-500m with knitting needles, 2. 2 вес shale weight 70gr. Size shawls 125cm on the ribbon and 57cm in the center. 
On the hem a little bead added, where in the designation it is written three loops together with the purl, you need to knit three loops together with the front one, and the badge 2 loops together with the front one need to knit from one loop two. 
To knit three of two loops: the end of the right knitting needle is threaded through 2 loops and, having seized the working thread, pull it through these loops. Without removing the stitches from the left knitting needle, they make a nakid on the right knitting needle and once again knit the same stitches. 
Of the three - five: enter the knitting needle into 3 loops and then also just knit: persons, nakid, litz, nakid, persons. 
How to close the hooks of the hem with a hook: 
Above the face loop is a picot of 5 air loops, a crochet above the crotch, 1 air loop between them. 

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