Beautiful Crochet Long Slit Dress

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The dress we want to offer you to sew in this lesson is a great alternative to any other option. The brand's autumn/winter collection, founded by Roberto Cavalli, included a maxi dress with a cut-out boat that opens one shoulder. In TsUM such a dress costs 115,000 rubles. But there is great news - this dress can be sewn easily and simply and without pattern, just take off just a few measurements.

Knitted canvas, from which the presented model - soft, warm and cozy, and spectacular skewed cut and non-standard silhouette - one of the most fashionable and stylish trends of the coming season. Make such a dress from the finished knitted canvas, and it will be your favorite!

The complex cut involves a simple pattern for knitting. Therefore, to tie the canvas with a rubber band for such a dress of textured yarn based on fine wool, delicate cashmere and strong silk fibers will not be difficult even for an inexperienced master.

The product looks especially impressive in motion when a high incision in front opens the leg.

In the upper right corner, place point A. From point A, set aside the length of the shoulder to the left by measure of 2-3 cm, then the length of the sleeve with a raise (5-6 cm). The width of the sleeve is equal to the girth of the shoulder (It is important! when constructing a pattern use a half value of the shoulder girth measurements).

Important! The right sleeve can be lengthened even further, depending on personal preferences.

Set off from point A 1/2 length of the neck with the shoulder lowered (measure remove, wrapping a centimeter around the neck on the right side of the body (the point of joint neck with shoulder) and lowering below the end point of the shoulder (by 2-3 cm) on the left side of the body). Then set aside the length of the sleeve by measure minus the shoulder descent (2-3 cm). To the left at right angles, set the width of the sleeve by measure.

From point A on the bissectris of corner A, swipe the length to the waist of the back (DTS).

Swipe the lines of sleeves and side seams before the rice as shown. 1. The width of the front/back is 1/2 OT plus a gain of 2 to 4 cm (depending on the elasticity factor of the knitted canvas). Set off 20-25 cm from the waistline and swipe at an angle parallel to the share thread.

Build a skirt as shown in the picture. 2. Tilt the panels from the front/back bodice (Figure 1). Separately, remove the back and front panels of the skirt on paper.

Source : https://korfiati.ru/2018/08/dress-without-a-pattern/

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