Pullover and Skirt Crochet Pattern

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Dimensions: 34/36 (38/4042/44-46/48) 
Threat Size Recommendations 
Can be found on page A1. Explanation of 
Patterns and techniques of VE- 
Tanzania are shown on page A2 and AZ. 
You will need: yarn (100% 
Cotton: 195 m/50 g)- 
Rd 300 (350-400-450) G cream 
and 50 (50-100-100) G blue-name- 
Letovoj, Ddshh_fc; 150 (200- 
250-300) G blue-violet and 
100 (100-150-150) g cream; 
Hook 3.5; Elastic Band 
Width of 2.5 cm and a length equal to 
Girth of the waist. 
Pattern for crochet Nrugovymi OC- 
Dami: The number of loops must be 
Even. 1-St Nrug. I.: Z V.P. Come- 
EMA (-1st. S/N), further knit 
Art. c/N, circular row finish 
1 Conn. Art. In the top overhead. 
Lifting. 2-nd circle. r.: Z ow. Pods 
EMA 1st. c/N), • 1 D.P., 1 art. 
c/n Skip, 1 art. c/N, from 
Repeat, 1 v. P ", 1 art. C/N 
Let the circle finish 
1 Conn. Art. In the top Z.P. 
Lifting. 3-rd Circle. R.: Z ow. Lifts 
EMA 1st. c/N), * 1 art. C/N 
VP Circle, 1 art. C, ' N in art. c/N, from • 
Repeat, 1 art. Around the overhead, 
Circular Range zakonchip, 1 conn. Art. 
In the top VP of the hoist. In the 
Height 1 time to bind from 1 to 
3-nd circle. Then repeat the 2nd and 
3rd circle. R. 
Pattern for a straight line hook. 
The number of loops must be 
+ 1 P, Yal R.: h, p, lifting (- 
1st, C/h), further knit art. c/N. 
52 Vereka 02-2 JTV 
2nd R.: Z ow. Ascent (-1st. 
c/N), • 1 D.P., 1 art. S/n Skip, 
1 art. S/N. from * repeat. 3rd R.: 
3 VL Lifting (-1st. C/N), • 
1 art. c/N D.P., 1 art. In art. 
c/N, from • repeat. In height 1 time 
From the 1st to the 3rd row, then 
Repeat the 2nd and 3rd rows. 
Shell pattern: knit by scheme 
IU for hook, start loops 
Before the right arrow, repeat 
Rapport-5 p. Between the arrows, 
Finish loops after left 
Arrows. 3 Height once knit 
From 1st to 5th row, then repeat 
From 2nd to 5th row. 
Hardenings with crochets: each 
Range of starting 2 VP 
Density of Knitting: 22 art. S/n x 
10 R. Јkrug. R. • 10 x 10 cm, 
Zano pattern for Hook: 21 N, X 
10 R.-10x 10 cm, bound by pattern 
Nranushki ". 
Pi over 
Backrest: Knit from top to bottom: 
Majestic thread to execute the chain 
of 81 (86-96-111) V.P. and Knit 
"Shells" pattern. For small 
Reglannyh bevels knit with both 
Gјoron in the 2nd P. 1 times for 2 p. and 
Every 4th p. for 2 p. more. 
Through 39 cm-40 R. 01 Chain of 
Vl. Work to finish. 
Before: Knit like a back. 
Runava: Knit from top to bottom: 
Majestic thread to execute the chain 
of 51 (61-71-76) V.P. "knit 
"Shells" pattern. For small 
Reglannyh Demolitions knit with both 
Of the parties in the 2nd P. 1 once for 2 p. 
Every Dr. R. Cha p. more. For 
For bevels sleeves to perform 
In each 3-th R. 4 times and in each 
Dr. R. 6 times (D each 2-R. 8 times 
And in each 3-D, 7-th every- 
House 2-R. 8 times and in each 3-th. 
7 times-in each 2-and R. 8 times and in 
3-R. 7 times) on 1 p. Minorities- 
Chez. Through 46 cm – 46 p. From the chain 
From the OW. Work to finish. 
Assembly: general Recommendations- 
Cm. Page. Az. Perform small 
Reglannye seams. 
Coquette: To collect loops from Tsepo- 
Check from the OW. All parts: 51 (61- 
71-76) p. From the chain of the left rune- 
For, 81 (86-96-111) p, from chain 
Transmit, 51 (61-71-76) p. of the Destinations right Sleeves, 81 (86- 
96-111) L. From Splinter Spinney 
264 (294-334-374) p. Start 
Nrug lies between the backrest and the 
Left sleeve, knit blue-name- 
Letovoj thread pattern for hook 
In a circular series, while 
Reglannyh bevels on both sides 
From short Reglannyk bevels 
Mark Markers B Art. S/N. In 1-m 
R "on marked 12 re • 
SLANNYH Loops to knit together 
2 times 2 art. S/N-10 Raglan- 
loops, or 256 (286 • 326 • 
366) Art. Mn. These 10 raglan 
Loops further knit in each 
With:. C, ' N, between them 
Keep knitting pattern for Krjuch • 
Ka. To continue Reglannyh 
Decreases to knit together the first 
And the last 3 Reglgnnye loops in 
Each circle. R. 8 (9-10-12) times • 
128 (142-166-174) art. With. Yes 
Kgnshhom Circle. Knit 
Together, the first and last two 
Main loops (244) times 
120 (126-134-142) art. With. For now 
To make one more lap. p, c/n without 
Decreases and finish the job. 
Assembly: Execute seams of sleeves and 
Side seams. 

Description of the work: 
Drdinca-Juemi fit on top 
Down: blue-violet thread 
Run a chain of 80 (92- 
102-114) VP and for VE Belt 
Ty 5 cm-6 R. Polust. c/N, with 
From the 3rd R., in each 
Front Row Insert Hook 
Only in the back wall of the hinge. 
Next knit pattern for the hook. 
For Bevels to knit with both hundred- 
Ron series 10 (9-7-8) times per 1 p. 
Less than 100 (110-116-130) p. 
Through 24.5 cm- 
25 p. From the last 
Increase on the pattern of "shells" 
Continue knitting Cream No- 
In 1-St. Add 
For the exchange. 34/36, 38/40 and 46/48 
1 P-101 (111-116-131) p. 
16 cm-16 p. Shell pattern 
Work to finish. 
DOVCNCU_JU5SHH knit similarly. 
Assembly: General Rekomendacil-see. 
Page. Az. Perform side seams. 
For belt turn off on wrong 
Side of the upper Juraj skirts on the Shiri- 
Well 2.5 cm and sew, while the 
Viv Hole in the seam for threading 
Elastic band. Wear elastic- 
Tape. The hole of the seam to sew. 

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