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Size:  32-34  

Ram:  150 g of natural Alpina “NADINA” color yarn (83% viscose, 17% stretch polyamide, 50 g / 70 m, number 067); Knitting needles number 4; hook number 3.                                                

Weave:  pattern scheme; garter knitting: in all rows all the loops are facial; when knitting in a circle, knit, alternating 1 row with facial and 1 row with back loops; st. without nakida; motif “flower”: crochet tie a chain of 4 ce and snap into the ring. 1st row - in a ring tie 12 tbsp. without nakida, 2nd row - connect b “arches” from b c., attaching each “arch” of art. without nakida through art. previous row. In the 3rd row, tie b "arches" of 8 vp, attaching each "arch" of art. without nakida through art. 1st row between art. attachment of the 2nd row. Leave a long thread for sewing on a flower. 

Knitting density:  15 p. X 22 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pattern according to the scheme. 

Back:  Type 47 p. On the knitting needles, knit 50 rows with a pattern and close all the loops. 

Before:  on the knitting needles, type 47 p., Knit 74 rows in a pattern, close the middle 25 p., And on the extreme loops on both sides, tie the straps with garter stitch. Knitting 60 rows of straps, close the loop. 

Assembly:  perform the side seams. Sew to the back of the strap. With a crochet tie 2 motifs “flower” and sew on the front at the base of the straps. In the middle of the motifs, follow each of the 5 rococo stitches. 


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