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Dresses for twins, thread Katka-100% cotton, 169m / 50g (knitting remnants), hook №2. Malyshkam 9 months. 

Here is a small master class:

The top is connected by simple stitches with a cape + 1 air loop. Knitted on the circumference of the baby's chest. At the bottom made a fan pattern, side and top tied art. without a crochet. 

Fan pattern (ropes) 

Scheme of the leaf. A horizontal line means a column without a crochet behind the rear wall of the hinge

Take the cloth for the width of the coquette. The upper edge of the fabric is treated with a zigzag (there is still no processing on the photo). Sweep the cloth on the coquette. Pritachat on the front side so that the line was in the middle of the gathering between the lines. At the second paying I tried to sew with an elastic zigzag stitch, such at my typewriter. Also convenient. The filaments are not visible, they are in the tone of the coquette. 
Finally sew the sides of the fabric. At the top, leave a 2.5-3 cm cut. Make the eyelets for the buttonholes. 

Yagodka (strawberry) RLS - - column without crochet 
VP - air loop 
OL - tie 2 sticks without a crochet in 1 loop 
UB - tie 2 sticks without a crochet together. 
SS - connecting column 

Filler - holofayber from the old pillow 

1p- dial 2 in and bind 6 crochet We 
knit in a circle along spirals 
2. p - (1sbn, pr) * 3 (9) 
3. p - (2 sb, pr) * 3 (12) 
4. p - (3 cbn, pr) * 3 (15) 
5. p - (2 cbn, pr) * 5 (20) 
6. p - 10. p - knit in a circle without the addition of (20) - fill with filler 
11. p - 5 yb (10) 
12. p - 5 yb (5) -fill with filler. 
The remaining hole is pulled together with a needle, or we reduce it to the end 
(I did so and so) 

Tie the green thread to the crown and knit 5 sepals: 3-4 VP (depending on the thickness of the thread), attach to the berry in the right place with the help of the SS and return to the SS chain (2-3). Instead of the SS tried the 
RLS, also beautiful. Secure the SS. 
Repeat 5 times. 
The last SS is in the very center of the asterisk. 

Do not tear the thread and knit a chain of air loops, as long as you need .. Return the chain with columns with a crochet. Secure the thread and circle around the end. The tip is hidden in a berry. 

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