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knitting stages in pictures. 
Used ALIZE baby wool yarn in 50g / 175m knitting needles No. 2.5. On size 62 it took 2 skeins. 
Here is the jacket itself 

On the needles we collect 70 loops with the extreme, in any way convenient for you. I chose the typesetting edge in the form of a cord can be viewed here
It is necessary to knit 10 rows of garter stitch. In the last 4 rows evenly add loops up to the number 90. 
I want to draw your attention to the extreme loops. 
Korean masters I liked this way. 
We knit the last loop on the face behind the back walls and remove the first loop with the cover. 
It turns out such an edge 

I shot the video, sorry for the quality I took it in the evening, I borrowed the phone from my husband 

After loops, we divide the canvas into raglan. 
Since our raglan line requires 9 loops, I divided the loops in this way

Sorry on the photo typo is not a total of 70 and 90petel. 

Now the scheme for raglan

And we begin to knit. 
That's what happens 

The length of the raglan line is 13cm. 

Connect the front and back by adding 5 eyelets in the armholes. 

Knit the front surface of the desired length of the jacket. 
Yes, do not forget to make slots for buttons

Bottom ends with 10 rows of garter. 
Closed on the front side with purl loops. 
We collect the sleeve loop and knit the desired length. 
Also we finish with rows of garter knitting. There is nothing difficult. 
That's what happens. 

Now sew the sleeves

and the base is ready. 
I usually wash my items before sewing buttons and appliqués. 

Well, now finished work 

Jacket size 56-62 from 0 to 3 months. 

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