Dress and booties for girls

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This pink dress is really beautiful. You can do it easily by examining the pictures. This model is very popular this year.
The dress and booties are made of the finest yarn. The lower skirt is made of fine cotton. Gently pink color, the best choice for a little girl. Shoes-booties complement the image of a charming young lady. The set is decorated with a knitted applique and all embroidered with beads.

The dress is crocheted No 1.7 from yarn: composition: 50% artificial silk, 35% cotton, 15% cashmere. Metering: 150 m. Weight: 50 gr. Consumption 200 gr. The coquette is connected from top to bottom by turning rows. The coquette is square, the sleeves are wings. The exfoliated skirt is tied round. On the coquette at the back, there are 4 buttons. The lower skirt and wings are crocheted with No 1.5 of yarn: composition: 100% mercerized cotton. Metering: 50 gr. 330 mt. Consumption 60 gr. The kit is linked to the child's age of 6 months.

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