Cap and snud with knitting needles

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Children's cap and bundled snood to it. Snud and a cap are connected by one, rather simple pattern. Knitting this kit is enough to master only two receiving knitting: 

To record zapisiSkryt 14234553 Add to favorites I love VYAZANIE29.03.2017 at 02:31 Knit skirt By zapisiSkryt record 7,236,542 Add to favorites Knitting needles and crochet . Yarnia yarn shop 08/24/2015 at 16:10 KNITTED CARDIGAN FOR A BOY WITH OWN HANDS This is a very simple and fast knitting pattern for your little one. Thick yarn speeds up the knitting process, and knitting

top down means no seams. Shawl collar adds a special charm to this model. And your baby immediately becomes an elegant gentleman. 

Age: 0-3 months (6-12 months) 
Ready sizes: 

Breast - 40 (48) cm, 
Length - 17.5 (20) cm from underarms 
Sample (10x10 cm): 15 pet. / 20 rows of stocking 
yarn: Wool, 3 skeins, 50g-78m Knitting needles 
: 5 mm circular, 5 mm stocking set 
4 buttons (2 cm in diameter) 
Needle for stitching 
4 knitting tags 

List of abbreviations: 
n & n - wrap and turn - thread in front, remove the next loop from the left needle to the right, flip the thread back, remove the loop with the back loop on the left needle, turn the work 
M - mark
CH - remove unpicked 1 loop 
P - increase 1 loop (see figure) 
L - front 
And - purl 
DS - additional needle 

Row 1: remove untied 1, L2 (3), install М, Л5 (6), install М , L12 (14), install M, L5 (6), install M, L3 (4) 
Row 2 (and all even rows): remove untied 1, And to the end 

Row 3: remove untied 1, P1, * L to 1 pet in front of M, P1, L1, remove M, L1, P1, Repeat from * to the last pet., P1, L1 [38 (44) pet.] 
Row 5: remove unpaved 1, * L to 1 pet. in front of M, P1, L1, remove M, L1, P1, Repeat from * to end 

Row 7: remove unbound 1, P1, * L to 1 pet. before M, P1, L1, remove M, L1, P1, Repeat from * to the last pet., P1, L1 [56 (62) pet.]
Row 9: unplugged 1, * L to 1 pet. before M, P1, L1, remove M, L1, P1, Repeat from * to end 

Row 11: remove unbound 1, P1, * L to 1 pet. in front of M, P1, L1, remove M, L1, P1, Repeat from * to the last pet., P1, L1 [74 (80) pet.] 
Row 13: remove unbound 1, * L to 1 pet. before M, P1, L1, remove M, L1, P1, repeat, starting from * to the end 
Repeat Row 2 and Row 13 3 (4) times until 106 (120) pet. 
Continue to work until you reach 9 (11) cm, finishing with a row of rows. 

L to the first M (right shelf), remove M, perebrosti 
following 23 (26) pet. on the DS (right sleeve), 
L to the next M (back), remove the M, 

perebrosti following 23 (26) pet. on DS (left sleeve), 
L to the end (left shelf).

Continue to knit the main part, continuing to shoot the first loop in each row, until the length from the armpit reaches 15 (17.5) cm (56 (68) 

pettes should turn out.) Knit 7 more rows of stockings backwards in front, continuing to take the first loop in each row . 

Transfer 25 (26) pet. from the collar to the stocking knitting needles and knit L 12 (15) cm. 
Knit 7 rows of hosiery backwards (in a circle) 
Close all the loops. 

Repeat for second sleeve. 


Starting at the bottom left, dial 1 pet. on every pet. along the sides and each typed pet. along the neck of the cardigan . 

L 4 rows 
Row 5: L to 18 (22) pet. from the end, n & n 
Row 6: L to 18 (22) pet. from the end n & n
Row 7: L to 2 pet. with wrapped pet., n & n 

Repeat Row 7 5 times (you must make a cape and turn 4 times on each side of the collar). 
Next Row: A to the last 17 (21) pet., Knit 2 pet. L, wrap, * L2 (3), knit 2 pet. L, nakid, repeat until the last 3 (4) pet., L3 (4). 

To knit 3 more rows of stockings viscous backwards. 
Close all loops (weakly!) 

Tie and cut the end of the thread (there will be small holes under the sleeves, they need to be sewn up). 

Sew buttons. 

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Amigurumi. Knitted toys06.01.2014 at 22:20 
Are you puzzled over an original gift by February 23? 
We invite you to tie Banana Hooligan! 
Funny, adult toy will surely cause a smile even on the most severe male face! 
Have a nice knitting! 

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Gift idea for February 23. Banana hooligan crochet . Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries 
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I love KNITT28.03.2017 at 16:05 
Beautiful crochet pattern 

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