Knitted White Cropped Pullover

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White cropped pullover Size: 38 
You will need: "Angora lux" yarn (25% mohair, 55% Acrylic, 20% cotton, 200 m/50 g)-100 g white, spokes № 2, Hook № z, a large button. 
Gum 1х1: Knit alternately 1 person. N. and 1 H. P. 
The main pattern: knit according to the scheme 1, which contains only persons. Ranks. In the Izh. The rows of all loops and 
Obverse: Persons. Rows of persons. Hinges, Series-Izn. Loops. 
Knitting capacity: 25 p. x 30 rows of persons. Gladi = 10 x 10 cm. 
Before: Dial 130 N. and knit 4 rows of 1x1 rubber band. Then knit the main pattern 32 cm. Close all loops. 
Backrest: Dial 130 N. and knit 4 rows of 1x1 rubber band. Then knit the faces. 24 cm = 72 series. Close all loops. 
Assembly: The upper edges of the puleera tie the hem in the scheme 2, thus on the front edge of the only 1 rapport, Oozadnemukrajuz raport. Perform the shoulder seams of 13 cm on each side, follow the side seams. Armholes also bind on the scheme of 2-2 series, using only a row with lush Aknbikami. For decoration tie The flower on the scheme 3, in the center sew a large NY · 
The beef. Sew a flower to 􀀐puloveru or you · Fill it in the form of a brooch, having sewed a pin with 
Internal aorta.

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