Braid Patterned Dress

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A long dress with a pattern of different braid perfectly on slender girls. Knit it follows from the yarn with the Angora or cashmere.

Material :

900 g yarn
(100% wool)
Spokes № 6
Circular Spokes № 5
Needle for Knitwear

For the backrest on the Spokes № 6 dial 76 loops,
4 cm Rubber Band 2 × 2 and then knit
With a pattern of braid, repeat the loops on the
Circuit B, and then loop the circuit a. Through 85 cm
From the initial row, close both sides of the
For armholes in each 2nd row 1 time 4 loops and
2 times one loop. After 110 cm from the initial
Close all loops in the same row.

Before you knit just like a backrest, but with more
Deep neck. For what through
90 cm from the initial row, close the middle
18 loops and each half finished with
Separately. For rounding the neck cut
Close in each 2nd row with the internal
Edge 1 times 4 loops, 1 times 3 loops and 3 times on
One loop. At an altitude of 110 cm from the initial
Close the remaining loops of the shoulder.

For one sleeve on the spokes № 6 dial
35 loops, 4 cm elastic Band 2 × 2,
Then knit a pattern of braid, repeating loops from
Arrows 1 to Arrow 2 on Circuit A, with a number of
Start with two purl loops. For bevel
Sleeves add on both sides in each
6th row on one loop. Loops added
Knit facial smoothness. 40 cm from the initial
Close the 4 loops on both sides of the
and further in each 2nd row 3 times on one pet-
Le. After that all loops close in one row.
The second sleeve is knit similarly.

For one pocket on the Spokes № 5 dial-
The 24 loops and knit the pattern from the braid
From Arrow 3 to Arrow 4.
Repeat in height from the 1st to the 10th row
5 times and then knit 2 cm rubber Band 2 × 2,
Then close all loops in the same row.
The second pocket execute similarly.

The parts of the product are moistened and spread
On the surface, allow to dry. Ful
The left shoulder seam. Dial the
Edge of the neck on the spokes № 5 loops
and knit straight and reverse rows
Patterned from the braid, repeating the loops from the arrow
1 up to the Arrow 2. After 10 cm from the beginning
Knitting all loops collar free
Close the picture. Run the right
Shoulder seam and collar seam. Ful
The side seams and seams of sleeves, sleeves
In the armholes. Sew Pockets
To the front of the dress.

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