Knitting Cape Free Pattern

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Cape Size 40/42 
You'll need to Working 
500 g yarn 
Lolita production Filitaly-Lat) color n21j047 • Spokes • 
Spoke with two sharp 
Platinum binding. Facial surface. Of 
The nano surface. 
The pattern of the coconuts (knit on B): 
1st-3rd row: Facial loops. 
2nd row and all even: Surface 
b p. Cross to the left 
5th row: 
(= P. postponed to Auxiliary Spoke before work, W persons. P., pro- Knit front deferred loops). 
7th row Repeat from the 1st row. 
Density of knitting 
Persons. On the spokes N27, 5:13 p. and 
17 r. = Loch 10 cm. 
Order of work 
Backrest and front: knit single 
Canvas, starting with the left shelf. 
Dial 80 p. and knit Fringe-B p, 
(= 2.5 cm). The 
Knitting range: 2 p. Offshore Gladyu, 2 
P. N. A stitch, a p. A pattern of Kosam, 2 p. 
IPMs. Smoothness, 56 persons. Stitch, 2 P. N. 
Stitch, B L. Pattern of coconuts, 2 p. N. 
2 p. Persons. Surface. After 92 cm 
From the fringe to postpone the loops. 
To knit in the same way the right 
The Loku. Connect the loop to one of the spokes 
Both parts, starting from the center, 8 p. and 
Continue to knit first and consequences 
12 p. By following the following 
Instructions, and all other central 
Loops — faces. Surface. After 2 p. 
On both sides, within the limits of the 
The first and last 12 p., (1 p. 
2nd P. z times, 2 p. through 2 p.) 12 
Times, 2 p. In each 2nd P. 5 times. When 
On the spokes will remain 28 p., Continue, 
On the central 4 P, (1 p. 
2nd P. 2 times, 2 p. In each 2nd 
P. 2 times) 2 times, 1 p. Through 2 p. (On 
Loops Spit to continue the faces. Smooth). 
After another 2 p. Close 2 remaining 

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