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Size: 42-44 
You will need: 500 g of yarn of medium thickness (100% acrylic) of light brown color and 6 metal buttons of bronze color; Spokes number 5.5 and hook number 4.

Res. 2 x 2 persons ch., izn. ch., izn. boards elm. 
Braid pattern: according to the scheme. 
Art. b / n: enter the hook in p. chains or lower p. and pull out a new n., grab the thread and knit 2 n. on the hook in 1 reception. 
Art. "Rachy step": elm. As art. b / n, but from left to right. 
Knitting density: 10 x 10 cm = 17 p. X 20 p. 
Back: Elm. in the transverse direction. 
On the needles dial 73 p. And elm. individuals. Ch. At a height of 44 cm, which corresponds to the width of the part, close the p. 
Right shelf: Elm. in the transverse direction. 
On the needles dial 58 p. And elm. pattern according to the scheme. 
At a height of 6 cm to form a neckline approx. on the right side in every 2nd p. 6 times 2 p. And 3 p. = 73 p.
Continue straight ahead, performing the added subclauses. Ch. 
At a total height of 24 cm, which corresponds to the width of the part, finish elm. 
Left shelf: Elm. symmetrically right. 
Sleeves: Dial 39 p. And elm. individuals. ch., app. on both sides in every 8th p. 10 times, 1 point. = 59 point. 
At a height of 43 cm, close for okat on both sides in each 2nd p. 4 times 4 points and the remaining 27 points. 
Overall height is about 48 cm. 
Bottom detail: Dial 180 points and elm on the spokes. individuals. Ch., performing the first and last 4 subclauses. boards elm. as slats. 
Elm, killed on both sides in each 4th p., departing 41 p. from the edge, 12 times 1 p. = 156 p. 
At a total height of 24 cm, close p 
Run shoulder and side seams, leaving 21 cm long cuts for armholes. Run the seams of the sleeves and sew the sleeves in the armholes. 
Sew the bottom part. 
For the collar along the edge of the neckline, use the knitting needles to raise the whole item, tie a 7 cm cut. 2 x 2 and close the paragraph according to the figure. 
Crochet tie the bottom edge of the product and sleeves 1 p. Art. b / n and 1 p. Art. "Pitch". 
On the right shelf to make 6 holes for buttons (sweep over 1 p.). 
Sew buttons.

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