Knitting Gray Tunic Free Pattern

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Knitting Grey Tunic : Size 40/42 
You'll need to 
• 700 g wool 
Yarn Color Gray 
Melange for work 
On the spokes n26 • Spokes N25, 5 and N26 • 
8 Grey stones with holes 
For fastening • Needle for wool. 
Spokes: Hollow Elastic Band (beginning 
and end). Elastic band 1/1. Front 
Surface. Purl surface. 
Density of knitting 
Persons. Smooth and Smooth on the Spokes 
N26:2p, and 10x10 cm, 
Order of work 
Backrest: On the spokes N25, 5 dial 49 p. 
and knit Fringe-2 p. Hollow Rubber Band, 
Then continue with the rubber band Lх1. Through 
W cm of the total height to continue the spoke- 
N26, adding 1 p. In the center, and then 
Knit: 9 p. Persons. Smoothness, 32 L. Gla 
9 p. Persons. Smooth through 62 cm from 
Edge of the 2nd R.) to simulate the 
The beginning of sleeves, add from both 
Ron in each 2nd p. 1 P. 2 times, 2 
P. and by Z p.-1 time, then add on 
1 p. In each 8th R. Zaza. After 10 cm 
From the beginning of additions (= 16 p.) 
Live knit on all hinges Surface. 
After 12 cm (= 20 p.), for bevel lines 
Shoulder close on both sides in each 
2nd P. to 6 P. z Times, 5 p. 1 times. Through 
5 cm from the beginning of the shoulder line bevel (= 8 p.) 
Close the 24 remaining n 
Before: Knit like a backrest to a level 
68 cm from the edge (= 112 R.). For neck- 

To close the central 6 p. and 
The two parts must be knit separately; 
Close still towards the center 
2 p. Through 2 p., 1 P. In each 2nd P. 
Z Times, by L L. through 4 p., and 1 L. In the 
6th R. Z Times. At the same time, the 
Level of 16 cm from the beginning of the neck (= 
26 p.) To carry out the bevel line of the shoulders 
Logical as for the backrest. 
Sleeves: On spokes nq5, 5 to dial 27 p. 
And knit the Fringe like on the back. Via Z 
CM Total height Continue spokes 
N26. By adding 1 p. To the center, and then 
5 p. of persons. Stitch, 18 P. N. Surface 
5 p. Persons with a smooth. On both sides, the 
The floor in each 14th P. 4 times and 
Knit these new p. Persons. Surface. Through 
c cm from the edge (= 72 R.) Close all loops. 
Collar: On spokes N25, 5 dial 
103 p., knit 2 p. Hollow Rubber Band, 2 p. 
Rubber band 1х1, then continue the faces. 
Surface. After 20 cm of total height 
Continue with the gum 1 (only 5 cm), 
Then close the loops. 
Assembling and finishing 
Perform shoulder seams. Connect 
Collar in the ring and sew the side 
side, providing lapel (Kai- 
The rubber band 1x1 should be sewn 
To the neck, and the side with the faces. Surface 
Must be outside). Sew the Gate- 
The line of the neck, excluding the price 
Part of the rear, run the 
Seams. Assemble the sleeves and sew 
them to the product. Sew stones in shape 
Flower on the part of the collar that 
Will be turned off. 

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