Women Spring Cardigan Free Pattern

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S (M) L (XL)

Width of the product on the grasp of the breast
108 (112) (117) 121 cm

Length of the product (in sock)
Approximately 93 (95) 97 (99) cm

You will need to
Yarn (100% cotton, 75 g/38 m) – 12 (12) 13 (14) Pink motks; Straight Spokes № 8 and 10; Circular Spokes № 8 and 10 in length 80 or 100 cm.


Dress binding
All loops in all ranks knit facial.

2 persons.

1 Ubavka
1 p. Take off, as the front, the next loop projazit Facial, removed loop to stretch through the projazyazit.

Density of Knitting
9 p. x 12 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with a binding.

When knitting thick cotton yarn is quite difficult to calculate the density of knitting. This model is very tightly coupled. If you are usually knitting freely, you should knit the product to a smaller size (and vice versa).

The Handkerchiefs are slightly stretched at a length of about 10 cm.

The back and shelves are knit on circular spokes in a single linen series in the forward and reverse directions. Sleeves are knit on straight spokes in rows in forward and reverse directions. The Yoke of the Reglan is knitted on circular spokes in rows in the forward and reverse directions.

Doing the work

Backrest and Shelves
On Circular Spokes № 8 Dial 104 (108) 112 (116) p. and knit 12 cm elastic band (1st row = Izn. Row), starting with the faces. Chrome. and 2. And having finished 2 izn, persons. Chrome.

Knitting gum Finish iznanochnym close, while evenly reduce 7 p. = On the Spokes 97 (101) 105 (109) p. (Ubavki to carry out in the tracks of 2 holes).

Go to circular spokes № 10 and continue the work of the knitting, until the length of the product is about 60 cm.

Keep track of the length of the product (measured horizontally). In a sock the product under the own weight extends on 10 sm. To shorten the product, reduce the number of rows of the binding on the section from the bottom to the armholes.

In the next Series Close loops for armbands: Projazit 22 (23) 24 (25) P. = Left shelf, the following 4 p. Close, Projazit 45 (47) 49 (51) P. = Backrest, the following 4 p. Close, the last 22 (23) 24 (25) P. = Right shelf.

Work temporarily leave.

On the straight Spokes № 8 Dial 26 (26) 26 (26) p. and knit 6 cm elastic band (1st row = Izn. Row), starting and finishing with 2 persons. Knitting Gum Finish Side by side.

Go to the straight spokes № 10 and continue the work of the binding, while in the 1st P. Adjust the number of loops (= reduce/Add) to 24 (26) 28 (30) p. (depending on the selected size).

When the length of the part is 8 cm, the next person. Row after/before the cutting loop to perform on both sides by 1 increment.

The increase is repeated after about every 4 cm-only 8 times on each side = 40 (42) 44 (46) p.

When the length of the part is 40 cm (measured in horizontal position), close on both sides by 2 p. Execute the last (= seamy) series and work temporarily leave.

The Yoke of the Reglan
Loops of all details to translate on circular spokes № 10 in the following sequence: the right shelf, a sleeve, a backrest, a sleeve, the left shelf.

The next person. Number at each transition from one part to another on 2 p. To touch together the obverse-only in 4 places. The combined loops are noted = Reglannye lines.

The next. Several.

The next person. Row to start the Reglani Ubavki: Before the REGLANNYH lines to perform 1 ubavke, after the reglannye lines of 2 p. Projazit together front-only 8 decreases in a row. The Reglanky Ubava repeat only 11 (12) 13 (14) times.

Then at the beginning of each row to close for a neck on 3, 3, 3 p., simultaneously continuing reglannye Ubavki = 3 more times.

The Remaining loops close in one row.

Run the seams of the sleeves. Sew on the lower parts of the sleeve.

For a running dial on circular spokes № 8 on the edge of the neck 56 p. and knit gum, starting with the faces. Chrome. and 2. And having finished 2 izn, persons. Chrome. In the 6th R. Gum Loops close.

For laths to dial on circular spokes № 10 on front edges of shelves of a loop: on 1 p. Between obverse paths of a platinky knitting, on an edge of a gum on 1 p. From each row, skipping approximately every 3rd p. Knit (rather loosely) 2 p. Platelkoj, thus loops in Close the last row. The Second bar to knit is similar.

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