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To make the product you need 50 g of fine wool yarn, finishing yarn in a contrasting color, hook No. 1.5, beads for decorating two different colors, a ready-made flower made of satin ribbon, 1 m of satin ribbon for ties. Knitting for kids is always fun!                                                               

Work procedure
Sole. For the base of the foot, we knit a chain of 10 air loops of the primary color thread. We knit an oval around the chain corresponding to the length and width of the foot (in the given description, 5x8 cm). Mark the last row of the oval for reference. Next, we knit another 2 rows according to the scheme: 
1st row: semi-columns without a nakida.
2-row: semi-columns without nakida from the last oval, rotated to the semi-columns of the previous row by 90 * (i.e. we knit them behind the back wall of the loop of the last row).

Socks booties. Next, we knit 2 cm straight crochet without columns, which will make up the “walls” of the foot of the bootees. Mentally foot is mentally divided into 2 parts (front and heel). To perform the forefoot we will press 3 rows of double crochets. the front part should be parallel to the foot, (on the foot walls we knit semi-crocheted columns with crochets, but from the edges to the center. We knit along the contour of the oval as well. Corresponding to the shape of a semi-fella. Turn over the knitting and knit the subsequent row in the opposite direction, also performing subtractions. When this so-called semi-felted reaches the required size, we sew or tie up kid of the last row, while connecting the first column with the last, second to last with second For beauty, we knit one of the front rows of the toe part with openwork (for this we alternate air loops and double crochets).

Heel part of the booties . To perform this part of the foot, we knit 4 rows with poles. On the walls of the back of each loop knit crochet column. In addition, for the ligament with the front of the foot, we knit from each of the outermost ordinary column with a nakida of the toes of the foot, 2 tbsp. with nak. We finish a row with a connecting column. We knit the next row with openwork (we knit crochets into odd loops of the previous row, and knit air loops between them). Another ryadochek knit with columns NAC. in each loop of the previous row. In the 4th row we tie the edge according to the scheme: 1 tbsp. without nak., 2 n. skip, 5 tbsp. with nak. in one loop, 2p.- skip.

Decoration bootees . To decorate the bootees with the center threads from the loops of the back row of the back part, we knit a frill according to the scheme: 1 column with nak., 2 loops to skip, in one loop 5 tbsp. with two nakida, which alternate with 1 air loop, 2 pet. skip. After this, we tie the frill with crochet stitches with a finishing thread (knit one column without a crochet between all the posts with the post in the previous row).

For a frill around the foot of each connecting column, which is knitted around the oval, we knit the finishing thread according to the 5th st. without nak. 
Then sew beads on the ruffles, half-half the front of the foot beaded. We sew a satin flower on the middle of the forefoot. Through the openwork row of the back we pass through a satin ribbon. On this ribbon, we will tie booties.
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