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At the age of 6-9 months, dial 66 + 2 edges = 68 loops. 
   Bind 3 rows of garter stitch (facial on the front and the underside)

in a row to distribute the loops: 1cr, 6pretel straps (garter stitch), 5pretel face facet, 1in., 8the spit stitch, wedge "12us, 2p spit, 12us," spicosa, 1asin, 11 stitches of facial smoothness, 1krom! In the fourth row, the braids do not cross, begin with 6 rows!

Wedge-in the front row to knit like this: 12f, 2p spit to cross to the right, 12us (to do the braid from 4 rows), in the purse row-10its, 2n together face, 2p spit out, 2pvmeste face, 10licz!   
So continue until there are no two loops left, they will be tied together in the front row (this will be the separation loop between the braids in the future)    


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