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Were late with her granddaughter to school, so as not to distract children from the lesson by undressing and putting clothes in the closet of her section at the school entrance. Clothes had to take with you. I do not know how, but by the time of dressing there was a loss of a cap. The hat-cap was comfortable because it was not necessary to knit a scarf, which is lost, and indeed the hat was generally warm. I had to urgently knit a new one. I decided to associate with the shirt front, which starts immediately from the cap. The cap is crocheted, for this description, then typed on the spokes of the bottom of the cap and tied the collar with a 1x1 elastic band, and then the shirtfront itself. Since time was running out, she didn’t decorate anything. Along the line of the fields, the kapor also gathered loops on the knitting needles and knitted the cover, repeating the cut of the cap. (mating on the principle of bonnet). It turned out a bit unusual, but warm and comfortable. 

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