Knitting Beret Free Pattern

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Head circumference approx. 54-58 cm 
Material: Schachenmayr Catania denim 2 
KN. fb. 480170, 1 needle play-mm. 
Rib pattern: 1 m R, 1 m li in alternating str. 
Lace pattern. Each round according to knitting 
Font arb.. Repeatl. Reps. 
-12th round Fortl. Reps. 
The first 
Smooth right: Each round right St. 
Sample size: 
25 m 10 cm wide 
34 Rd. 10 cm high 
Attention: If the mesh is different. 
Sample correspondingly thicker or thinner 
Use Needles! 
Please note: pure cotton 
and pure wool should not be too loose 
Be entangled. 
Working instructions: 
With the Needles Game 2.5-3.0 mm 126 m 
Conn, close to the round and 
Fret approx. 3 cm in the rib pattern arb., afterwards 
I rd. Rights M Arb. 
Distributed 9 x after every 14. m i m R verschr. 
From the Cross Stitch str. = Total. 135 m. 
Now in the lace pattern weiterarb. 
After approx. 19 cm = 64 Rd. AB Bund with the 
Start acceptance-See also 65.-69. 
Round of knitted writing. 
65. Round: 54 m according to the knitting font ABN. 
= 81 VERBL. M. 
67. Round: 27 m according to the knitting font ABN. 
= 54 VERBL. M. 
69. Round: 27 m according to the knitting font ABN. 
= 27 verbs. M. 
In succession. Approx. 13 x 2 M R St., ends with 
MR-14 VERBL. M. 
In succession. Approx. 7 x 2 m R. str. = 7 VERBL. M. 
Cut the thread and thus the residual. 

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