Women Cardigan Free Pattern

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36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

Yarn (100% alpaca wool; 85 m / 50 g) - 500 (550) 600 g gray; Knitting needles number 4 and 4.5. 


2 or more persons, 3 out. 

1st row: 31 p. Rubber, 30 p. Cross over to left = 15 p. Leave on the auxiliary spoke before the work, 15 p. Of rubber, then 15 p. 

2nd row: knot it off by drawing. 

Izn. row, the beginning of the row: 8, 9 and 10th paragraph to tie persons together, and also the 11th and 12th paragraph to tie them together from their lives; end of row: knit symmetrically = 6 items added in this row.

Persons row, start row: 5 p. knit on picture, 6 p. translate to right knitting needle, 7 p. put on second knitting needle before working, 6 p. turn on left knitting needle and knit with 8 p . across persons., 7th point with auxiliary needles of transfer to the left needle and tie it together with the 9th point of persons .; end row: knit symmetrically = reduced 4 p. in this row. 

In both rows, all 10 loops are added. 

In order to not form a hole when knitting with shortened rows, at the beginning of the row (after turning), lay the thread before work, insert the right into the 1st st and remove the loop with the thread. Then pull the thread back = double loop. In the next row, double stitches together with a consensual view as one hitch - face or inside. 

21 p. X 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by rubber with spokes No. 4.5 (measured in lightly stretched form). 

Due to the elasticity of the pattern, the density of knitting data can only be approximate. Measurements were removed from the article not on the figure, but in the laid view on the table. 

On needles No. 4 dial 122 (132) 142 p. And knit 3.5 cm = 10 p. rubber band 

Work continue with needles number 4, 5. In the 82nd p. From a set of series, decorate decorative decorations from both sides and repeat these orders 4 more times in each 8th p. = 72 (82) 92 p. 

Through the next 0 (2) 6 p. gum in the next persons. A number of loops are free to close. 

Shelf / Shawl commander Knitting 

needles No. 4 dial 92 p. And knit 3.5 cm = 10 p. rubber band

Then go to needles number 4.5 and continue to work with an elastic band. 

In 15 cm = 40 p. from a row of knit knit * 2 p. “Kosy”, 38 p. gum, run from 9 times, with this after the 4th and 5th "BOS" perform 36 (38) 40 p. gum. 

Simultaneously in the 122nd p. = ex. Near the 3rd "ĸos" and in the 244th p. = ex. a row of the 6th “kosy” knit in shorter rows of wedges: *** last 5 s. leave, turn, double loop, knit in the opposite direction according to the pattern. 

*** In the next w. a series of knit up to 4 p. in front of the double loop, turn, double loop, knit in the opposite direction to the pattern. 

From *** check back 4 more times, while each time leaving unprovided for 4 n. More, then perform 2 p. on all 92 paragraphs, provyazyvaya double petun on the picture. 

From ** check 2 more times.

After the last 38 p. gum all loop free to close. 


Perform side seams of a length of 30 cm. 

Sew a straight collar between the wedges and sew the back of the back with closed panels on the top edge (the wedges fit the armholes). ‌

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