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What is a stretch: this term has three meanings. 
The stretch is part of the thread between the loops. In the models of knitting patterns you can meet: add 
From the stretch. It means. That the loop is in the gap between the adjacent loops: 
It is called a method of tying the heating, thus the number of loops decreases. Clearly 
You can see how the loops are tied through the example of closing of a series of loops 
Classic Way; 
Closing of a series of loops 
That loop. That will be suppressed (it may not be one. A few loops). Remove from left to right 
The needle is not projaztivajut, the next Getlu projaztias facial or reverse (according to the description or scheme), and 
Stretch it through the previous loop (the one that was removed not projazvajut). In this way, you can reduce the 
One, and two, three. And in some patterns and more loops at one reception. 
Tying loops can be tilted to the left or tilted to the right 
The stretch is a part of the thread located loosely on the reverse side of the Gshloton when knitting 

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