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I sat down and from memory (tk booties have already been donated) tried to restore the process Not all the same just take, you must also share
Started with a chain of 10 VP, around it tied an oval of five circular rows - a green yarn. Red yarn scored on the nose slightly less than half of the loops and knitted with a 1x1 knitting needle about 3.5 cm in diameter, in the last row, tying two loops together with the front and pulling the same thread together, the thread was cut off. The white thread knitted the loops of the sole without supplements, in rows back and forth, with columns without a crochet to the height of the red socks, at this height closed the knitting in a circle and one more row with columns without a crochet and one row with piles with a crochet (then pull the cord). I tied the edge with a yellow string of shells - 5 sticks with a crochet in one loop of the base, to pass one loop, a connecting column, to pass one loop and again 5 stitches with a crochet in one loop and so on to the end of the row, the thread was cut off. With a white thread she tied the yellow shells with columns without a crochet. Bootetki sewed sewing threads along the sides with a needle, putting the red part on the white part. Flower - 4 VP closed in a circle, the second row in each loop two columns without a crochet, then with a white thread of 5 air loops in each loop. The remaining tips attach the flower to the booties.

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