Booties knitting needles for newborns

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Scored 41 loop in white. Sewn 1 row of persons. loops. 
2nd row: 1, 1 persons., 1 nakid, 18 persons., 1 nakid, 1 persons., 1 nakid, 18 persons. pet., 1 nakid, 1 persons., 1 chrome. a loop. 
3rd row and the remaining odd rows knit with facial loops. 
4th row: 1 chrome, 2 persons, 1 nakid, 18 persons., 1 nakid, 3 persons, 1 nakid, 18 persons, 1 nakid, 2 persons, 1 chrome. 
So we continue to add 4 loops in each even row, until there are 57 loops on the spoke. 
10th row knit izn. loops. 
The sole is ready. 
We join the yellow thread. 
11th row worn out. loops of yellow thread. 
12th row: 1 chrome. (2 together front, nakid) - repeat to the end of the row, 1 chrome. 
Again, knit white thread. 
The 13th and 14th and 15th rows are knitted with purl loops.
We proceed to the main part: the 
16th row: 1 chrome., 19 persons. Pet., 2 loops together on the front, pre-swapping them, 13 faces, 2 together the front, 19 face pet., 1 chrome. 
17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th rows knit with purl loops. 
18th row: 1 chrome, 18 faces., 2 loops together face-pre-swapping them, 5 faces, 3 loops together face knit so that the middle loop is on top, 5 faces, 2 faces together, 18 faces, 1 chrome. 
We also continue to make reductions in the 20th, 22nd, 24th rows. The needles will remain 39 loops. 
Now close the loops with a yellow thread on the front side with facial loops.
White thread in work again. We collect 10 loops from each edge (20 loops in total), transfer them to 1 needle and knit 4 rows with face loops, in the fourth row we add 22 loops to the straps and we knit 8 more rows (do not forget to make a buttonhole at the end of the strap. We close the loops. We sew a bootie. 


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