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Mini dress with knit oversleeve - forever fashionable  knit dress 
Size of dress 36 38 (40 42) 
Dress length 90 (02) cm 
For knitting a dress you will need:

 Yarn 120 m 50 gr. (60% merino, 40% microfaser) gray: 500 (550) grams for a dress and 100 grams for sleeves 
 . Knitting needles and hook 4 and 4, stocking needles 4 and 4.5 for sleeves. 
 Needle for braids 

Era for 2 faces ., 2 izi. 
The main pattern: the front surface 
Patterned braids: the number of loops is a multiple of 6 + edge loops knit 
according to the scheme. In the purl rows, all the loops are knitted in the purl, the 
height is repeated from the 1st to the 12th row. The 
elastic for the yoke: 4 out. 2 persons 

Density of knitting: 
Facial surface. 20p. from 28 r. - 10x10 cm. 
Pattern with braids and coquette gum: 24 s. at 28 r. - 10x10 cm 

. Job description. 

Knitting a dress: 
Dial 102 (114) p. And knit with 2x2 patch. Starting from the back row in the following order: * 1 2 faces., 1 out., Repeat from * to the last loop, chrome. 12 cm knit facial satin. For lateral bevels in 20 p. on both sides, subtract 1x1 p., then in each 16 m rada another 4x1 p. = 92 {104) p. After 42 cm faces smoothly go to the pattern with braids, spreading the loops trace: chrome. 3 n. Before rapport. 14 {16] repeat rapport 3 n after rapport, chrome After 14 rows of the pattern with braids on both sides, add 1 n (94 (106) p., Then add 2x1 p = 98 (110) p in each 4 m row For armholes through 11 cm - 32 p of the pattern with braids on both sides in each 2 m row, subtract 1x4 n = 90 (102) p. After 14 cm - 40 p of the pattern with braids go to the pattern of the yoke gum, while loops distribute the trace in a way: Krom 1 izn., * 2 persons, 4 izn, repeat from • to the last 4 x loops. 2 persons. 1 external, chrome. For extensions armholes on both sides in each 8th row, add 6 x 1 p. = 102 (114) p. Add the stitches to the knit with the front satin stitch. For the bevel of the shoulders, after 17 (19) cm of gum on both sides in each 2nd row, close the 1x5 n. And 6x3 (4) n. on the remaining 56 points, knit another 3 cm in height for the collar and close these loops according to the pattern.
Knitting the front 
Before knitting similarly to the back 
Assembling the dress  
to perform shoulder and side seams. Arm around 1 side beside columns b / n to strengthen the edges of the canvas. 
Knitting over sleeves  

Type 48 p and spread on 12 p. On the stocking knitting needles and knit in a circle as follows: 2 rows of facial, then go to the pattern with braids. repeat 3 times rapport patterns in the same row, while in the 1st row of the pattern the first 3 s. knit with the front ones, and cross the last 3 s with the first 3 loops of the series. In the even rows of the loop knit on the pattern. At a height of about 26 cm - 74 rows close all loops.


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