Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern

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Crochet Cardigan Pattern Detail :

1.2 kg of yarn (100% cotton) colors 
Unpainted flax and 3 Pugovis • 
CI in tone. 
Ore Petela 
V. Art. b/N, art. c/N, Polust. 
S/N. Conn. Art. 
Motif: According to scheme 1. 
Main pattern: According to scheme 2. 
Execute 48 motives According to scheme 1, 
Combine them with the art. 
6/N or sew in the necessary 
Count • Wah: 2 strips of 9 motifs 
Each for backrest, 1 lane 
of 9 motifs for shelves, 1 
Band of 6 motives for hand- 
To dial two chains, on 27th. P. 
• W. P. Lifting each, and 
One chain from 32. P. • Z. P. 
Lifting and Elm. Pattern on the scheme- 
IU 2. At an altitude of 81 cm finish 
Front, right shelf (left 
A shelf of elm. Symmetrically 
To dial two chains, on 22nd. P. 
• 3. P. Lifting each, and elm. 
Pattern on the scheme 2. Length of one 
Strips 81 cm. In another lane 
At an altitude of 64 cm to cut the 
They catch the UB. 4 p., 3 p., 2 times 
2 p. and 6 times 1 p. at height 
81 cm Finish the elm. 
To dial two chains, on 18th. P. 
+ 3 VP Lifting each, and 
Elm. Pattern 2, arr. In each 
Strip from the outside 
In each 2-R. 17 times on 1 p. 
At an altitude of 54 cm finish the elm. 
The details are put on the pattern, 
Moisten and let them dry. 
Sew all the details as shown 
Pattern. Performing side 
Seams, leave on both sides 
Sections 15 cm long. Mountains. 
neck, cuffs, bottom edge 
And cuts to tie 1 R. Art. 61 N. 
Shelves to tie 2 R. Polust. 
Sјn and 1 R. Art. Bјn. On the right 
Kidney Perform 3 holes 
For buttons: 1st-At the beginning of the 
Neck cut, the rest 
At a distance of 13 cm from each other 
Ha. Sew the buttons. 

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