Sleeveless Sweater Crochet Pattern

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Size: 40 
To obtain 60lshego or less- Size accordingly increase the or um9nshit width by 2 cm,
Vmbo 1 cm. 
You need: 500 g wool 
Yarn: 300 g color cyclamen, 100 g 
Pink and 100 g blue; Hook Gee? 4 
and 5; Needle DG: I'm wool. 
Zigzag Pattern: Knit by 
Fantasy Pattern: Knit according to the scheme. 
Alternation sequence 
Rows: 1 R. colors Cyclamen, 1 R. Go- 
Luboj, 1 R. Pink, per). Colors of the CEC- 
Lame, 1 R. Blue, 3 p. Pink, 
5 R. Colors Cyclamen, 3 p. Blue, 
1 R. Pink, Z r. Colors cyclamen, 
R. Blue, 3 R. Pink, 1 R. Colors 
Cyclamen, 5 p. Blue, 1 R. Pink, 4 R. Colors Cyclamen, 1 R. Blue, 5 
R. Pink, Z r. Colors cyclamen, 1 p. 
Golu6oj, 1 R. Pink, 1 R. Color thread 
Density of knitting, zigzag 
Pattern, Hook 4:19 p. and 9 p. = 10x 10 cm. 
Backrest: A thread of color cyclamen krjuch- 
com [che 4 dial A chain of 79 humidity. 
P. and knit zigzag pattern 
In Ukazannoi sequence 
Alternation of series. Res 38 cm from 
Set Edge for Armholes leave 
Neprovjazannymi from both. Parties to 5 
P. To the height of 54 cm from the set edge 
Cut and fasten the working thread. 
Before: Knit like a backrest, but with knee 
Neck. Res 48 cm from the set- 
The average edge of the middle 31 
P. and both sides finish separately. 
At an altitude of 54 cm from the set edge of the 
Cut and fasten the working thread to the 
Each shoulder. 
Collar: cyclamen color thread 
Crochet NQ 5 Dial A chain of ED 
Humidity. P. and to knit a fancy ouzo- 
Rum. 26 cm from the set edge 
Cut and fasten the working thread. 
Perform the rear seam of the collar. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder and 60- 
Poles seams. Cyclamen Color Thread 
Hook 4 tie out the neck- 
Guilt and the edge of the Armholes 1 p. Art. B, ' N. 
Conditional num 
. = Ecuo. P. 
= sg. Mn 
= C art. Tied from one 
Petit Grounds 
= C art. MN, tied together 
Conditional on " 
-1 Ecuo. P. 
= 2 art. MN, 2 cartloads. P., [Art. 6.44, 
Knotted from one Petit 
From one toi the same arch 

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