Crochet Shawl Dresses Free Pattern

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Front: 60. Continuing with the 1 0 cauliflower braid 
Represents. One on both sides of the 7th row is disconnected from the loop. 59 cm 
Then the middle 20 stitches are cut. Collar edges of it 
3 times after I've trimmed the loop, its rage length is 75 cm • E 
is completed and the loops are closed. Rear: The front is woven. Collar 
No junkie. Arm: 54. 3 times, 8 ranks 
The bit is cut from the sides of the loop 1. The stitches are closed when the whistle is 33 cm. Collar: only Front collar 
A 12 cm cauliflower weave. It is sewn on the front and back shoulders. Kotlar only 
It's sewn into the arm house. The koi is pressed hot with a wet cloth before it is sewn from the bottom and sides of me. Arm 
After the edges and body are planted, the case is drawn to the surrounding area. 

Pattern :

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