White pullover with short sleeves

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34/36 (Z8 / 40) 


Yarn (100% cotton, 180 m / 50 g) - 250 (300) g of white color; a circle. Knitting needles No. 3.5, 40, 60 and 80 cm 

long . Openwork 

pattern Knit a circle. R. according to the scheme. 

In even circle. R. Knit all the items on the pattern, knit knit faces. 

Each rapport starts with 12 points in the 1st round. R., then the number of p. increases due to increases. 

Knit a circle once. R. 1-60. 

After the 60th lap. R. to knit. repeating the rapport marked at the top edge with arrows = 10 points and constantly repeating the circle. R. 47-60. 

26 p. X 31.5 range. R. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with an openwork pattern (under the yoke) with the needles No. 3.5. 
60 circle R. flirt = approx. 18 cm tall. 


Knit the model with one cloth from top to bottom in a circle. The arrows on the pattern indicate the direction of knitting. 


Dial 96 p. Short circle. knit and knit for the neckline 2 circle. R. from smooth surface and 1 circle. R. facial smoothing. 

Then continue with an openwork pattern, repeating 8 times rapport = 12 points in the first circle. R. 

After the 50th round. R. the number of points in each rapport increases to 50 points, there are 400 points on the spoke. If necessary, go to a longer circle. knitting needles. 

After 60 lap. R. yoke distribute n. trace. way: 100 p. - 2 rapport patterns set aside for
armholes and dial instead of them 10 (20) p .; next 100 point = 2 rapport to postpone; track. 100 p. = 2 rapport of the pattern is set aside for the 2nd armhole and dial 10 (20) p. Instead; the remaining 100 points are set aside for the back = 220 (240) points. Knit another 40 cm (= 126 circle. p.) on these sections by repeating rows 47-60 9 times according to the scheme. 

Then for the hem to knit another 2 lap. R. from smooth and close n. purl. 


Tie the armholes by placing the delayed coquette on a short circle. Knitting needles and typing to them from the 10 dialed sections in the armpits, another 8 (16) items and knit 1 circle. R. individuals. stitch, 2 circle. from stitch, while in the 1st circle. R. on the section of the laid coquette loops, evenly subtract 20 s. = 88 (96) s. of strapping. 

After 3 lap. R. close all n. purl.

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