Knitting Cardigan Free Pattern

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Size of JCardigan : 36-40 (42-46 in)

The data for the size 42-46 are shown in parentheses.

If only one value is specified, it is applied to all specified dimensions.

You will need:

Approximately 500 (550) G yarn Type "Babykid" from Lana Grossa gray-Violet color number 45 (60% superkid mohair, 40% microfiber-polyamide, 200 m/50 g); Straight Spokes № 8 and circular spokes № 8 in length 120 cm.


Constantly knit double thread!

Elastic: Knit alternately 2 persons., 2 H. P.

Persons. Surface: Persons. Rows of knit faces. P., N. Series-Izn. P.

Density of Knitting:

Persons. Double thread: 13 p. and 16 P. = 10 x 10 cm.

Before and back: knit from the beginning to the end knitting one whole cloth.

Arrows on the pattern = direction of knitting.
The detail of the Bolero is obtained automatically by dressing and lifting the jacket.

On circular spokes double thread dial 170 (176) p.

Knit faces. Surface.

Through 32 (30) cm = 52 (48) p. From the set the beginning of the sleeve of the sleeves on both sides mark the marker and continue straight.

After the next 32 (36) cm = 52 (58) p. From marker marks the end of the armholes on both sides mark the marker and continue straight.

Through 32 (30) cm = 52 (48) p. From 2 marks all loops are free to close.

Assembly of Parts:

The details are spread, humidify and let dry.

On both sides between the handles for the sleeves double thread raise 46 (50) p.

Knit with elastic band, thus starting from the 1st. P., after Chrome. Start and before Chrome. Finish 1 H. Loop.

On a length of a sleeve on 29 sm loops freely to close on drawing. 

The detail is exactly folded in half.

Carry out seams of sleeves and lateral seams according to a pattern.

When wearing, the part is simply pushed up and down from each other.

The sketch shows how the part is worn.

A thin dotted line that runs from the sleeve to the shelves indicates the seam

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/ageeva_tania/post441970873/

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