Crochet Cape Free Pattern

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The large cape is perfect for cool days. In this outfit you will not only feel warm and cozy, but also amaze others in an exquisite way.

36/42 (44/50 in)
You will need
Yarn (50% wool, 50% polyacryl 50 m/50 g)-1400 (1500) G powder Circular spokes № 8 length 120 cm and circular spokes № 9 length 80 cm spokes № 6 and 9. 
Patterns and diagrams

Openwork pattern "Kos"

The number of loops multiple 22 + 6 p. Patent edge. Knit according to the scheme. On it are given facial ranks. In purl rows all loops to tie on a figure, a scale to tie purl. 

Start with 3 p. Patent edge A, rapport constantly repeating, finish 3 p. Patent edge A. Constantly repeating the 1st-24th series.

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