Mini Skirt Crochet Pattern

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2 skeins of color style 2856 (Anil deep);
Ag. For Crochet Circle No. 2.00 mm;
Knitted fabric to make the garment lining;
Lastex in navy blue color;
Plant paper;

Stitches used in crochet: Corr.: Chain, P. bx.: Low point, P.B.: down, M.P.A.: Half Point High, P.A.: High Point, 2 P.A.F.J.: 2 high points closed together, P.A.R.F.-high point in relief taking the front of P. da Carr. Previous, P.A.R.A. – High point in relief picking up behind the p. da Carr. Previous, Fantasy Point (A) – Follow diag. 1, Bar 1/1 – Follow diag. 2, Embossed Nozzle (B) – Follow Diag. 3, Embossed Nozzle (C) – Follow Diag. 4.
Abbreviations: P.: Point, Pts.: Points, Nov.: Novelo, Carr.: Career, AG.: Needle, Labor.: Work, Diag.: Diagram, Rep.: Repeats and repetition.
Sample: A square of 10cm in the P.A. at AG. No. 1, 25mm = 31 p. x 18 Carr..
Execution: Transfer the moulds to the plant paper to use as a reference in the execution of the piece. Note the arrows in the measure diagram with the direction of work.

Skirt – Workflow. The front part and the back at once. Use AG. of 2.00 mm crochet and the yarn style in navy blue color and the. A cord of 200 Corr., 1 P. bx. To close the bow. On this cord. In P. Fantasia (a) accompanying diag. 1, the PTS. From Rep., the mould from 1st to 39 ª Carr.. Workflow. In Carr. Circular and close each Carr. with 1 p. bx. Waistband – Attach the style yarn to the initial cord of the skirt (200 Corr.) and the run. In P. of Bar 1/1 accompanying the diag. 2 and the PTS. From 1st Rep to 10th Carr.. Workflow. In Carr. Circular and close each Carr. with 1 p. bx..

Embossed Nozzle – (B and C) – job. Embossed on the right of the piece with the Diag. 3 and 4. On the initial cord of the skirt. The Diag. January 3 to the 2nd Carr., holding on the piece only the P.B. of the 1st Carr.. And about the Carr.: 11, 28 and 32. The Diag. January 4 to the 3rd Carr, arresting only the P.A. of the first Carr. About the play. Workflow. In Carr. Circular and close each Carr. with 1 p. bx.. Finish-inside of the waistband pass three Carr. From Lastex. Tip of the lining in mesh fabric patterned as mini skirt.

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Source : https://circulo.com.br/receitas/saia-azul-com-babado/

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