Black Skirt Crochet

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Crocheted skirt with motifs

The openwork skirt of maxi is connected from strips of a beautiful pattern and floral motifs, which creates a beautiful lace pattern. The long knitted skirt looks luxuriously, feminine, romantic and perfectly combined with both tops and jackets.

Model of Nina Kupriyanova 
Size: 38

You will need: yarn "Iris" (100% cotton, 150 m / 25 g) - 400 g black, hook №2.3 buttons.

Description of Crochet Crochet:

First, connect the 3 strips of the motifs according to the scheme 1. Connect the motifs to each other in the strip during knitting with 6 stitches on the trail, the sequence - st. c / 5n, st. с / бн, ст. c / 7n, art. c / 7n, art. с / бн, ст. s / 5n. The first band consists of 8 motives, the second - from 17 motives and the third - from 30 motives.

Next, knit the main fabric of the skirt from top to bottom, while from the 1st to the 15th row, knit with straight and reverse rows (to form a cut under the buckle), and from the 16th row - round. Dial 210 air. etc., tie the first row of columns with a crochet.

2nd row - knit * 1 tbsp. s / n, 2 air. n., 2 p. of the previous series, skip *, repeat * - *. Next, knit a pattern according to scheme 2, tying in the 3rd row of 210 st. with / n. Having drawn 9 rows according to scheme 2, tie 4 rows of arches out of 5 flights. etc., in the last row, attach a pre-linked strip of 8 motifs. Then tie another 4 rows of arches out of 5 air. etc. and continue to knit the 10th row according to the scheme 2. After engaging another 1 rapport of the pattern according to the scheme 2 similarly insert a strip of 17 motifs. Next, perform another 1 rapport of the pattern in Scheme 2 and finish with a strip of 30 motifs. Bind the bottom of the skirt 1 next to the station. with / n. Sew the buttons.

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