Dress for a girl for 7-9 months

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Back: recruit a pair of 122 (132) n. Tie 1 cm with a plaiting bridle. Continue the work as follows: 2 p. facial smoothness, 14 r. ozo] pag, 4 p. facial smoothness, later on, in an even number of ways, add 10 (14) n. = 132 (146) n. Continue with] botuzorom2. 
After 26 (34) see the planar to close off the lines for the lines of the stop1 x3 n. And to refill by 2 m. 4 хпо2 п. = 100 (114) п. After 5 (7) the knitting pattern was shown to open all the loops, knitting them together. 

Before: knit as a spade, but after 2 (4) look at the beginning of the linking of the linear parts, then temporarily remove the middle 44 (58) and add to each of the two sides by 2 m. 3 хпо6 и2 х по5 п. After 3 the connections of the lines are cut off, all the loops are loosened. After this, shut down the water, pulling on the floor together.

Sleeves: type the springs at 53 (57), and knit 1 cm with a knot, in the last row add 3 n = 56 (60) n. Continue with the work of the design, starting from the blink. c7-th (5th) n. Simultaneously, the losers to add to each other, starting the plank, 12 (16) x-axis, in each 4-mp. = 80 (92) n. After thirteen (18) viewplanet] cover the two sides of the line of the regina1 x3 n. And then add the home] 2-mr. 4 (3) хпо2 и5 (10) хпо1 п = 48 (54) п. After 5 (7) the lacquering line has been opened to close all traces. 

Coquette: start to tie the neck. To do this, select the spiral 79 (86) n. Inherited. knit] vyepetliiuyutvitkayuetuyuetuyuyuetuyu = 157 (171) n. Continue the work of the user] rom3. Postponego to fill the 6 r. whether] tsevoigladii6 r. platelicate. Then it is connected. facial glaze] dyukontrastnaniyu (etorjadypo] of the imprinting of the layout of the room]).

Planks: dial spurs at 28 pts and knit 2 cm with a plaiting bridle. Then perform 4 r. facial glaze contrasting (etaryady after pritachivaniyaplanokbudutleny). 2-yuplankuvatsiyakalogichno, noche] rez1 smvyshlenie3 holes for buttons. 

Build: execute the ssh; to prick a coquette and plank. Sew on the button. Kbeikegor] catch the button. 

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