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It is necessary: 
- approximately 70 gr. yarn (cotton), 
- hook, 
- initial crochet skills. 

The dimensions are for a child of 1.5 years. 

1.Connect the chain from the air loops (4-5 loops) and close in the ring. Tightly tie the ring with columns without a crochet. 

2. Knit in a circle with columns without a crochet, evenly adding 3-4 loops in a row, until you get a "pancake", 4 cm in diameter. 

3. Continue knitting, evenly adding 6 loops in each row until you get a "pancake" , with a diameter of 10 cm.

4. Then, continue to knit to a diameter of 14 cm (see Note), adding evenly 6 loops across the row. (In order not to get confused with the places of applications, you can mark in a circle, each place of adding sewing thread a contrasting color, which will be easily removed after the end of knitting). 

5. Further knit without an increase in the circle more than 8 cm. 

6. We knit the fields of the cap. For this, we continue to knit in a circle, adding 1 loop each 12 loops. So we sew 4 cm. 

7. We bind the edge of the cap with the reception of the "stepping step" (You can not tie the edge at all).

Note: this cap should fit tightly over the head, then for item 4, the diameter of 14 cm is calculated for a head circumference of 46 cm. If the circumference of the head is different, then the diameter for this item is calculated by the formula: diameter = head circumference / 3,14 

Cap wash, give it the right shape, gently spreading his hands. You can slightly starch. 


- about 3 meters of satin ribbon, 1 cm wide, 
- a thick darning needle with a long eyelet, 
- a few sewing threads that match the color of the ribbon. 

1. We retreat from the edge of the cap 9 cm. This will be the center of the middle rose. Sewing threads (in two additions) make 5 stitches in the form of a star, with rays 1.5 cm. Fix the thread firmly on the wrong side.

2. Cut off 50 cm of tape, insert it into the darning needle. 

3. Inject the needle in the center of the star and stretch it to the front side. A small tail of the tape is left on the wrong side (you can pin it with a pin to the base of the cap, something that would not accidentally pull out during work). 

4. Draw the ribbon over the first ray of the star, under the second, above the third, under the fourth ... etc, in a circle, until the ribbon covers all the rays. We do not tighten the tape much. 

5. We will get a pretty average rose. We drag the rest of the tape on the wrong side, cut it and attach it with the initial tail to the wrong side of the sewing thread. 

6. So do the two side roses, but make a smaller star, with the rays of 1 cm.

7. We embroider buds. We stretch the tape to the front side, stick the needle next to the exit point of the tape, and stretch the tape to the wrong side, so that on the front side we get a loop, 1-1.5 cm long. We fix the loop with a small stitch. 

8. We embroider leaves. We stretch the tape to the front side, spreading the tape with your thumb, retreat from the place of exit of the tape 1-1,5 cm, we inject the needle into the middle of the tape and put it on the wrong side. It turns out such a twisted leaf. 

9. All the tails from the ribbons must be fixed on the wrong side of the sewing thread. 

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