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Shorts with a mouse face for the baby in the first year of life
And again the cold! But in order not to lose heart, we suggest to you to connect cute and warm shorts with a muzzle of a mouse for the kid in the first year of a life. The kid in these shorts is warm and comfortable, and my mother is pleased to watch him creep - a funny mouse face is embroidered on the entire surface of the shorts. The 
material for shorts is chosen for yarns, specially selected for the youngest customers, soft and not prickly. The finished product is smooth, and the muzzle of the mouse is embroidered with a cross on the knitted fabric. The shorts are tightened with a tourniquet strapped into a knitted waistband 


Shorts can be tied in 3 variants and refers to the knitting section for toddlers for a year: 

- 0/3 of a baby to a baby; length of 20 cm; circumference in the upper part 44 cm long;

- 3/6 of the mites; length 24 cm; a circle of 48 cm; 

- 9/12 of the mites; length 28 cm; a circumference of 53 cm. 
A complete description for all variants is proposed below. 

Whatever option you choose, it will be enough for 2 skeins of Easy Care Classic yarn (50g / 106m). We choose gray color, 1 coil we get the same yarn, but black color for embroidery. Yarn is very high quality, pure Merino, designed for knitting for babies. 

The thread is of medium thickness, 4 mm (main) needles and 3 mm (for gum) needles, as well as a hook of 3½ mm thickness (for the lace-string). 

The sample for determining the density is knitted with the front face (L / g) on ​​the main spokes 4 mm: 

- out of the 22 loops (fri), a canvas 10 cm wide will appear. 

How to tie the cute shorts for the baby with knitting needles

We connect the front part separately, separately the rear. Every time we will start with the trousers, from its lower part. We knit in rows (rd), then we sew the product. 

Front part 

Take thinner knitting needles, we will collect 22 (24) 26 pt and we will knit the bottom of the leg with an elastic band. 

Variant for 0/3 months: 

- 1 krmp (edge ​​fri); * 2 ipt (purl fri); 2 Lpts (Facial Fri) *; repeat * - * on the row; 1 kyrp. 

Variant for 3/6 months: 1 krmp; 1 Lpt; * 2 of the items; 2 Lpts *; repeat * - * on the row; 1 item; 1 kyrp. 

Option for 9/12 months: 1 krmp; * 2 of the items; 2 Lpts *; repeat * - * on the row; 1 kyrp. 

So we knit 4 cm, then put it off. 

We begin to knit the second leg of the transfer and bring it to the same state. You do not need to cut off the thread, you need to move to the spokes 4 mm.


- we knit on the trousers L / H on all the pt; 

- we will type 7 (7) 9 пт new - for a crotch; 

- we take in the work postponed 22 (24) 26 pt of the first leg = 51 (55) 61 pt. 

We knit straight ll / hl to a height of 10 (13) 16 cm. 

Let's move again to thinner knitting needles, 3 mm, and return to the elastic band, at the same time, in the first row of the elastic we reduce 1 (1) 3 pt. 


- 1 крмп; * 2 of the items; 2 Lpts *; repeat * - * on the row; add 1 pt on the drawing, if necessary; 1 kyrp. 

We knit an elastic band 3 cm, then create a row with holes for the string-string. 


- 1 крмп; * 2 ltspt knit together front; 1 cape; 2 изпт *; repeat * - * on the row; 1 kyrp. 

Next, we knit another 3 cm elastic band and close all the pt according to the drawing. 

Rear detail

First, we act exactly as for the front part. When we will tie a section of LH / HL almost to the end, so that only 2 rows remain, we use the technique of partial (truncated) rows. This is necessary in order to create a place for diapers. 

1 st rd: bind up to 8 pt in the remainder; we wrap; turn work. 

2 nd rd: tie up to 12 pt in the remainder; we wrap; turn. 

3 rd rd: tie up to 14 pt in the remainder; we wrap; turn. 

4th RD: we will link up to 18 pt in the remainder; we wrap; turn. 

5th rd: we will link up to 20 pt in the remainder; we wrap; turn. 

6-th rd: tie up to 24 pt in the remainder; we wrap; turn. 

7-th rd: tie up to 26 pt in the remainder; we wrap; turn.

After all this, 3 (7) 13 points will be left behind in the center. 


- We will knit for all пт; 

- In this case wrapped fri we will tie together with nakidami. 

Part lts / hl finished. It remains to go to the spokes 3 mm and make a piece of elastic for the waist, not forgetting to make holes for the lace. 

The back of the shorts is now connected, left to embroider it with a cross. For this, there is a pattern: An 

embroidery pattern on shorts knitting for children up to the year 


We collect shorts by making the required seams. The tie is created with the help of a hook. 

We knit a chain Bn (air) with a length of 70 (75) 80 cm. In each vp we perform a half-shell without a crochet - we obtain a string-string.

We pass it into the holes prepared on the belt, on the rubber band, and you can put the shorts on the child. Knitting for children from 0 to a year does not take so much time for the work itself, but how much this lesson can bring happiness and joy! 

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