Baby White Blouse Crochet

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White blouse 
Size: 3 months 
You will need: Yarn NIDO from Lanas STOP 
(100% Acrylic. 321 W ' 50 g) Colors t'-E Ltd.: Spokes 2 Vitui 
For pink embroidery: Satin Bow 
Pink Color: 5 buttons 
Facial Surface: • 1 row of persons "1 row of Ipmss • 
Striped pattern: l-th L 4-th series; Persons, 2-nd and 3-th series; Out ", 
Leaves: see. Scheme. 
Platochnaja binding: All rows of knit faces. 
Purl Surface: • 1 row of izn. 1 row • 
Description of the work 
Blouse fit one detail. Starting ± Gorleviny " 
Type VA spokes of WB p, and tie 4 rows of facial surface. 1 row Azubchikov» 
2 L. Together lic, yarn a number of purl and 4 rows of a facial surface. Then 
Knit, distributing loops as follows: b Platoch-; Ouch Vjazem for Plavui 
Right half of the back. 10 GG striped pattern, L t leaf d (see diagram). Yarn. 
2 p. IPMs. Surface, yarn, p. Leaf A, 10 p. Striped pattern for the right duvva. 
L GG Leaf D, yarn. 2 p. izn_ surface. Yarn. 1 gg Leaf d, D p. Striped pattern 
For half a pass. Distribute the second half of the loops in the same way. 
But simmetrichnsg in odd rows to add t (making yarn), on both sides 
From 2 Gg of \ 4 surface. That share the leaves. In the Purl series Zazjet These 
Adding persons, SVRESHH, (this is done by ALA forming Raglan), in the 1st row 
Lis • Ghica d start the sheet in the diagram). 4 T between leaves D and in knit 
Reverse the surface until the 1st leaf is finished. And then knit striped 
Pattern. In the 21st row of the 1st leaf again knit sheet B (in the same way. OK and 
First 2 Pistika). In the 31st row from the beginning of the sheet a knit sheet C (GM scheme), Tavim 
Same way, OK and previous listikg after completing these 4 motifs on the spokes 
will be 262 p.. which are distributed in the following way; 40 p, for t; kdoj 
Halves of the backrest, 58 p. For each sleeve and 66 p. For the pass. Postpone all 
Loops. Except 58 p. One Ruzhzva. Which knit a striped pattern. Linking 
16 Poposochek reverse the surface, tie 10 rows of cuff (knit. As Planjuu • 
neck). In this case, the 1st row of reduce 20 t (will remain 38 p). Second sleeve 
Knit similarly. 
Combine the remaining loops pass and back (146 p.) and knit. Like Ruova. But. 
Associating 4 polrsochju. ' Reverse the surface, tie in the center of the inverted 
4-leaf motif (start with the smallest leaf) 
Assembly, perform seams and make on the plank of the right half of the backrest on the 
Equal distance Drut from a friend 5 loops for buttons, on 2 p, WPI, a surface. 
Separating leaves. Stitch the "Rococo" flower and on top of each 
Groups of leaves to sew a bow, to sew buttons and slightly ironing.


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