Crochet owl hat

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- this is a wonderful hat for our little children for a warm spring-autumn, even as it becomes hot in the woolen one, but for the time being it is impossible to take pictures. The owl is tied for a head size of 48-50cm, but it can be easily calculated for a different size. It is easy to knit our hat, so even a beginning needlewoman can cope. On the street, everyone will pay attention to your child and smile! 

For work you will need: 
Jeans Yarn, YarnArt blue, blue, white, lemon and black, 55% cotton 45% polyacryl (50 g - 160 m); 
Visantia yarn weed, 100% polyester (100 g - 150 m); 
Hook 2.0 mm. 

SSN - double crochet;
SBN - single crochet; 
SS - connecting column; 
VP - air loop; 
Decrease - tying two columns together; 
Addition - from one loop we knit two columns. 

We knit the bottom of the cap. 
First you need to figure out what size the bottom of the cap should be: Divide the 
volume of the head 48 cm by the number Pi (3.14). It turns out 15.3 cm. You can link the bottom of this size to go to the knitting depth of the cap. But we will make a smooth transition and it will happen this way: 15.3 - 3.3 = 12 cm. 3.3 cm this will be for a smooth transition from the crown to the depth. In our case, this will be 4 rows; we will alternate rows with increments and rows without increments.

We knit the top of the head according to the principle of twelve wedges. At the beginning of each row we pick up lift 2 VP, but they do not count, in the same loop at the beginning and at the end of the row we knit 1 CCN each. We knit 8 rows of the top, adding 1 CCH in each wedge, and since we have 12 wedges, it turns out we add 12 CCH in the same row. Each row ends with the SS at the base of the first double crochet (not into the air loops). 

The knitting pattern for the bottom of the owl hat: 
When the circle is connected with a diameter of 12 cm, we knit additions through the row so that there is no abrupt transition from the crown to the main part of the knitting. 
9 row: fit without additions, SSN, SS; 
10 row: 2 VP, in the same loop we knit CCH * 7 CCH, addition *, SS; 
11 row: fit without additions, CLO, SS;
12 row: 2 VP, in the same loop we knit SSN * 8 SSN, addition *, SS. 
We added another 3.3 cm. After twelve rows, we got 120 loops. 
We continue to knit hats, without additions, to the desired depth (17 cm). Blue yarn knit 12 cm and 5 cm blue. 

We knit ears for strings 
Need 120 loops divided into five parts. 1 part = 24 loops. One is left at the back of the head, two at the front (forehead), one at a time for eyelets for ties. The eyelet will knit on 22 loops, leaving 1 loop on each side of the harness. 
We attach the working thread on the front side of the cap. 
1 row: 22 SSN; 
2 row: 2 VP, decrease, 16 CLS, decrease, CLN (20); 
3 row: 2 VP, decrease, 14 CLS, decrease, CLN (18);
4 row: 2 VP, decrease, 12 CLS, decrease, CLN (16); 
5th row: 2 VP, decrease, 10 CLS, decrease, CLN (14); 
6 row: 2 VP, decrease, 8 CLS, decrease, CLN (12); 
7 row: 2 VP, decrease, 6 CLS, decrease, CLN (10); 
8 row: 2 VP, decrease, 4 CLS, decrease, CLN (8); 
9th row: 2 VP, decrease, 2 CLS, decrease, CLN (6); 
10 row: 2 VP, decrease, decrease, CLR (4). 

The second eyelet knits similarly. 
We tie the bottom edge of the cap, at your choice, with single crochet columns or with slashing step. 

Eyelet ties 
Fold the yarn into 4 threads, attach to the edge of the ear and assemble a chain of 50 air loops. In the same way, the second tie also knits; you can tie knots at the ends. 

Knit eyes (2 pieces)
1 row: (black yarn) in ring 3 VP, 11 SSN, tighten and knit SS; 
2 row: (lemon yarn) in each loop of 2 CCH, CC; 
3 row: (white yarn) 3 VP, in the same loop 1 CCH, 1 CCH * addition, 1 CCH * CC. 
4th row: (weed) 3 VP, here 1 SBN, 2 SBN * addition, 2 SBN * SS. 

We knit ears (2 pieces) 
1 row: in ring 3 VP, 7 SSN, tighten and knit SS; 
2 row: 3 VP, the addition of * 1 SSN, the addition of *, SS; 
3 row: 3 VP, 1 SSN, addition * 2 SSN, addition *, SS; 
4 - 6 row: SSN. 

Make brushes on the ears. How to make them is described in detail in the master class Brushes for Caps. 

We knit the beak (blue yarn) 
1 row: in the ring 3 VP, 4 CCH, do not tighten to the end. Expand knitting .
2 row: 3 VP, addition, 1 SSN, addition, 1 SSN, addition; 
3 row: 3 VP, addition, 6 SSN, addition; 
4 row: we tie around the perimeter of the sc. 
Sew eyes, beak and ears. Our hat "Owl" is ready! 


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