Crochet Beret Pattern

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Takes sent to our contest "hats and kits". Linked Tatiana Brin.

Yarn "Angora soft" in 2 addition plus Pehorka "Children's Caprice" in 1 thread.
The total weight of the beret is about 90g., og 56 cm.

Spokes for gum-№ 2.5, for the main part-№ 3

Several rows of hollow gum: To type the contrast thread on the spokes of smaller size half the desired number of loops (I typed 72 p.) and then go to the DOS. Thread.
1 row-Chrome., * obverse, yarn, * up to the end of the range, chrome; That is, we are restoring the right number of loops (144).
2 Series-Nakidy knit facial, wrong loop remove, without tying, the thread before the loop.
3 Series-Facial loops knit Facial, purl remove, thread before work.
4 Row-as the third.
At this stage we have a "hollow" (double) gum, with the arrangement of loops 1x1.
then sealed gum 1 × 1: Faces. Series-* Persons, IPMS. * Repeat, IPMs. Rows – 1 p. To remove, a thread before work, persons. * Repeat.
Knit to the desired height (I have about 4 cm).

Main part:
Knit pattern on the circuit, at the same time evenly add 39 pet. That is 10 adapted pattern, 2 edging. Thus in the beginning 1 rapport fit on 2 p. Together, (instead of PO3, as on a scheme) and at the end of a row, after loops of the last rapport, the first loops of the first rapport for symmetry (2 p. Together) are repeated. Should get 183 pet.
Then to knit the necessary height, (in white take it 1.5 leaves).

The scheme of knitting takes:

Scheme Subtraction Crown:

The diagrams show only odd rows. Symbol:
Vertical line-front loop;
Horizontal line-Purl loop;
Isosceles Triangle-three loops together.

The scheme of decreases takes:

The rest loops pulled a thread and sewed takes on seam (a mattress seam).

In the coral beret experimented with the number of adapted (12), and the launch of the crown (slightly altered the scheme for more rows). The beret turned out more voluminous.

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