Openwork Crochet and Pattern

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Dimensions:  34 - 36 (40 -42). 

The data for size 40-42 are given in brackets ().

If only one value is specified, it applies to both sizes. 

The length of the front top is about 65.5 (67) cm with an attached bar. 

You will need:

350 (400) g of  yarn type LINIE 275 MELOA  from ONline color salmon Fb. 22 (59% cotton, 41% viscose, 105 m / 50 g); knitting needles №4 and 4,5, stocking knitting needles №4 and hook №3. 

Openwork pattern with decorative seam:  The number of loops is a multiple of 16 + 4 + chrome. P. 

Knit according to the scheme. 

In is. ranks all the hinges and nacs knit purl. 

Repeat from the 1 st to the 16 th р. 

The distribution of patterns is indicated in the description of knitting. 


On all edges knit only full openwork rapport, otherwise knit persons. smooth.

A special reduction of 1 p.

At the beginning of the series, the 3rd and 4th sts should be tied together. (= remove 1 item as persons, 1 persons etc. and stretch it through the removed item), at the end of the series of 3rd and 4th stitches, tie the faces together. 

Grooming: persons. and out. rows of knit facial. 

Crom. loop with a knot edge.


Persons. R. (all circles): alternately 1 persons. cross, 1 out. P. 

Ext. r .: alternately 1 rel. cross, 1 person. P.

Knitting density:

(before the count, slightly moisturize and stretch in length): 22.5 p. and 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


On the spokes № 4,5, dial 102 (118) п., Tie one rel. a series of facial, then tracery pattern distribute the trail. way: chrome., 4 p. before rapport, 5 (6) x right rapport, 12 st. decorative seam, 5 (6) x left rapport, 4 sts after rapport, chrome.  

Knit in such a distribution, and for lateral bevels after 16 r. on both sides, reduce 1 point by a special decrease = 100 (116) and so on, and these reductions should be repeated in each 8th river. another 7 times = 86 (102) n. 

For the armhole armhole through 43 cm = 116 r. on both sides, close 1 x 4 (6) points, in each 2-rd river. reduce 1 x 3, 1 x 2 and 3 x 1 n. by a special decrease = 62 (74) n. 

After the last reduction for the neck cut, close the middle 14 sts and finish both sides separately. 

In the second row, decrease 1 x 5 points = 20 (26) n. 

From the right edge of the neckline after chrome. to tie one more person. etc., then 4 st. decorative seam according to the scheme. 

For reduction in each 4-rd river. after a decorative seam, tie two stitches together. broach, or an openwork pattern or faces. smooth to the end of the row, chrome. 

Perform a decorative seam with a decrease, until there are 12 (18) stitches left on the needles. 

At the height of the neck opening, 15 (16.5) cm, close 12 (18) of the shoulder.  

The other side of the neck cut is symmetrical, i.e. tie up to the last 8 sts, then 2 st together faces., 4 st. decorative seam, 1 face. etc., chrome.


Start with a cut - the left side of the backrest. 

Dial 6 pt, tie one rel. R. facial, then 14 r. (from the 1 st to the 14 th р.) according to the scheme with the addition from the left edge = 18 p. 

Start according to the scheme with an openwork pattern and continue to perform the addition. 

After 32 r. openwork pattern or only 46 rubles. on the spokes - 51 p. (for the size 40-42 add another 8 p. = 59 p.). 

Loops to postpone and execute symmetrically right cut.

Both the details on the edge of the rib = back middle gather together and knit at all 102 (118) n. As described for the transfer, i.e., make the side bevels and armhole arm, as in front = 62 (74) n. 

For a deep neckline cut through 58 cm = 156 r. close the averages of 26 points and finish both sides separately.

For the rounding of the neck in every 2 nd r. Reduce 2 x 2 and 1 x 1 n. 

The remaining 12 (18) p. Shoulder should be closed at the same height as the front.


Carry out shoulder and side seams. 

On the stocking knitting needles 4 for the throat bar, raise 124 (136) sts (behind - 36 (42) sts, in front - 88 (94) n.) And knit in a circular series with an elastic band = alternately 1 persons. cross, 1 out. P. 

After 2 cm, close the loop according to the drawing. 

For the sleeve strip, raise 90 (100) sts and tie only with 1.5 cm elastic band. 

For the lower strap of the top on the spokes number 4 from the edge to the edge of the cut in each loop, raise 1 st and knit with elastic band in the back and front rows, while at the edges of the cut in each 2-rd river. add 1 pt.

After approx. 3.5 cm, close the loop according to the drawing.  

Tie the edges of the cut crochet 1 p. Art. b / n.

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