Amigurumi Rabbits Free Pattern

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Yarn: Sun 100% cotton, colors-nude, blue, dark blue, white.


VP-Air Loop
PRS-Column without a throw
PRSs-Column with Crochets

Head. Bodily thread.

1. In the ring dial 6SBN
2. In each PRS to bind 2SBN = 12
3. (1SBN, arr.) x6 = 18
4. (2SBN, arr.) x6 = 24
5. (3SBN, arr.) x6 = 30
6. (4SBN, arr.) x6 = 36
7. (5SBN, arr.) x6 = 42
8. (6SBN, arr.) x6 = 48
9. (7SBN, arr.) X6 = 54
10-11 Series-54 PRS
Go to the blue color.
12-16 Series-54 PRS.
17. (7SBN, UB.) x6 = 48
18. (6SBN, UB.) x6 = 42
19. (5SBN, UB.) x6 = 36
20. (4SBN, UB.) x6 = 30
21. (3SBN, UB.) x6 = 24
22. (2SBN, UB.) x6 = 18
23. (1SBN, UB.) x6 = 12
24. (UB) x6 = 6

Rjushechka. White.

1. Dial on the 12th row (where the color changed) in each of the 48 loops tie 2SBN = 96.
(6 loops leave for head sewing)
2.1VP turn 96 PRS behind the back wall. Fasten the thread.

Embroider the spout, make a utjazhku for the eyes and mouth. Shade.


Ears consist of two parts-internal and external. Connect on the edge of the 2SBN.
Internal (bodily).
Tie a chain of 8VP (knit around the chain).
1.1 arr. , 5SBN, 5SBN in the last loop, 5SBN, arr.
2.1SBN, arr., 6SBN, (arr.) x3, 6SBN, arr. Fasten the thread.
The outer part (blue) fit as well as internal, the thread does not tear.
Connect the inner and outer part and tie the PRS. Sew on the 14th row.


Fit from the bottom up the color is white.
1. In the ring tie 6SBN.
2. In each PRS link 2SBN = 12.
3. (1SBN, arr.) x6 = 18
4. (2SBN, arr.) x6 = 24
5. (5SBN, arr.) x4 = 28
10. (2SBN, UB.) X4, 12SBN = 24
Switch to the blue color.
12. (2SBN, UB.) x3, 12SBN = 21.
14. (5SBN, UB.) x3 = 18
18. (1SBN, UB.) x6 = 12
20. (UB) x6 = 6

Skirt. Dark blue color.

Dial on the 12th row where the color changed in each PRS to tie the 2SBN.
The length of the skirt is at its discretion. Finish the white color in each PRS to bind to


We start from the bottom up, the color is bodily.
The chain of 11VP knitting in a circle.
1.1SBN in the second loop from the hook, 8SBN, 3SBN in the extreme loop, turn, 9SBN,
3SBN the last loop.
2.10SBN, 3SBN in one loop, 12SBN, 3SBN in one PRS.
3.12SBN, 3SBN in one PRS, 14SBN, 3SBN in one PRS.
4.14SBN (Mark the beginning of the series)...
changing color to Blue
1.32 PRs behind the back wall.
2-3.32 PRS.
4.12SBN, (UB. PRSs) x4, 12SBN = 28.
5.10SBN, (UB. PRSs) x4, 10SBN = 24.
6.8SBN, (UB. PRSs) x4, 8SBN = 20.
7.6SBN, (UB. PRSs) x4, 6SBN = 16.
15. (2SBN, UB.) x4 = 12.
16. (UB) x6 = 6SBN.

Your hands. Color blue.

Chain 4VP, PRS in the second loop from the hook, PRS, 3SBN in the last loop
Chains, turn, PRS, 2SBN in the last loop = 8sbn.
2. (1SBN, arr.) x4 = 12.
6. (4SBN, UB.) x2 = 10.
20. UB = 5.

We decorate the muzzle, sew the head to the torso. Sew Hands and feet
nitochnym Mount.

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